Hotels, restaurants and coffee-shops : what assortment should you choose to stand out at spring events?

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March 2024

Who could know better : the CHR market, which includes coffee-shops, hotels and restaurants, is a sector subject to various seasonal influences and trends!

So when public holidays fall “right”, the big weekends and events of spring play a crucial role in bringing visitors to your establishments.

This year, what are the spring events not to be missed? How could you prepare for them? What assortments can you offer to stand out ?

Read on and meet the challenge of spring’s big weekends and events!

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Spring events not to be missed !

Spring is a season when nature wakes up after the winter, the days get longer and the festivities multiply with this bright period. Tourists and visitors are coming back!

It’s an opportunity for you to stand out and offer unique events and meals thanks to assortments adapted to this spring season.

Many events are planned for this season:

  • Music festivals: spring marks the start of the open-air music festival season, a great opportunity for music lovers to dine out or book hotels.
  • Easter: a major religious holiday celebrated and known all over the worldThis means shopping in grocery stores for family meals, and hotel reservations to take advantage of the non-working days
  • Flower festivals: Yes! Spring is the season that brings out the flowers and all those who love gardening and beautiful gardens! Whether to buy plants or visit gardens, visitors will be flocking to your region.
  • Carnivals: from January to June, carnivals are very popular events, often broadcast on national TV. Here again: great opportunities to welcome customers in hotels  and restaurants, and more buyers in your stores!
  • And for 2024: the beautiful weekends of May

You’ve got plenty to do for Spring!

 Why liven up your jam assortment and menus for the spring season?

Think you don’t need to change your jam assortment for spring? Or adding condiments and preserves to your menus? Think again!

Spring events are the perfect way to leave your hotel and restaurant customers with a special memory:

  • There are opportunities to attract tourists, and visitors from other countries, who will seek out new flavors and discover the culinary “made in France”. Some towns welcome many visitors in excellent spirits, ready to consume, thanks to festivals, carnivals, trade fairs and so on.
  • Easter is a great time for families to get together for breakfast or a family meal in coffee-shops  or restaurants at any time of day.
  • It’s the perfect way to make the most of weekends: we take the time to have a good breakfast – in a gourmet way! – and enjoy long meals together.

At Maison Andrésy, we’ll be happy to give you some ideas for a range of products to use at the breakfast buffet, or at meals and brunches, using frenchproducts, of course!

Creative ideas for breakfast buffets, brunches and special event menus?

Discover how to incorporate our jams, spreads, chocolate powders, confits and for cheese recipes into your breakfast buffet, brunches and spring menus.

Why not opt for seasonal fruit?

For some time now, seasonal produce has been a concern for restaurant customers – and chefs!

Jam is made so that fruit harvested in spring and summer can be enjoyed all year round. The constraints of the seasons therefore don’t apply, and at the same time it’s a great opportunity to liven up your offers and renew your assortment!

For your hotels and restaurants in spring, here is the assortment based on seasonal fruits to have for the breakfast buffet:

  • Strawberry, raspberry and cherry jams,
  • Honey,
  • And a chocolate spread

All in individual jars to avoid food waste and promote choice, while avoiding hygiene concerns!

Of course, if you prefer to serve in a dish, we also make jars in 500g or kilo size!

In spring, chocolate is the star of the assortment!

With Easter, chocolate in all its forms is in the spotlight this spring.

Here’s a gourmet idea for your breakfast or brunch buffets in hotels, restaurantsand coffee-shops:

  • chocolate powder: in individual pouches for table service, or in kilo boxes for preparation at the bar or in the kitchen.

Our chocolate powder is made from excellent cocoa, cane sugar and a hint of vanilla, and that’s all there is to it!

  • our hazelnut chocolate spread, baked in a copper basin with a milk base, no palm oil or added vegetable fat: in individual jars for the table or in grocery size for brunches and desserts.

STOP! You didn't know we made chocolate powder?

You know us for our handmade jams? We also offer an excellent chocolate spread and chocolate powder – perfect for hot chocolate fans. For customers of all ages!

How about an organic spring assortment?

In the hotel and catering industry, too, customers pay close attention to how the food they eat is grown.

So why not offer them ORGANIC?

That’s right, your favorite jam-maker offers a certified organic range in individual jars, especially for food service and catering.

You could have an organic spring assortment:

– ORGANIC strawberry, apricot and raspberry jams

– ORGANIC honey

Want to find out more about our organic recipes for the horeca industry?



Andresy Instants

Condiments and confits for savoury assortments

Let’s not forget your customers who enjoy savory breakfasts in hotels, or the savory part of brunches and all your spring menus!

For all your gastronomic moments, we’ve developed a range of condiments and confitss in individual jars.

They are elegant on the breakfast or brunch buffet, served directly to the table in restaurants, and are ideal for room-service or snacking!

Of course, in addition to elegance, condiments and confits in individual jars have other advantages:

  • avoid food waste
  • promote hygiene and the preservation of authentic tastes
  • offer choice and variety to your customers: mustard, ketchup and french mayonnaise, chili sauce, onion and fig confits…let your customers choose!
  • and, of course, all with excellent value for money.

STOP! You didn't know we made condiments & confits?

For over 40 years we’ve been specialists in high-end French catering. That’s why we’ve developed recipes and products for French-style meals – which are very popular internationally too!

To add them to your regular order, just order them 😉

How can you seduce your customers with your culinary talents via social networks? And how to order our products?

How about offering them a great product visual via social networks?

You know that so weel : nowadays the product visual is important !eople who are curious or seduced by your images on Instagram or Facebook  will come directly to stay in your hotels, eat in your restaurant, or even have a hot drink in your coffee-shop.

 It’s all about reassuring the customer and getting them to come straight to your establishment.

Need some help? Need inspiration for your Brunch photos?

By the way, do you have Andrésy Ancienne and Andrésy Instants products in store ? How can I order them?

You can contact us by :

  • Telephone for direct, personalized advice: +33 (0)1 39 75 14 55
  • Mail for flexible ordering, whenever you want:

So, are you convinced by all the information you need to know about the spring taste season?

You can choose the right assortment for every breakfast buffet, brunch, Easter or spring meal…

With our chocolate products, jams, condiments and confits, you’ll have something to satisfy your customers during their stay.

We wish you all the best for your gourmet Spring tastings!