Andrésy Fruitée

Fruit-rich recipes for an explosion of flavour

Andrésy Fruitée, a variety of delicious recipes with a great taste of fruit!

In individual or grocery size, a regressive pleasure with 100% fruity flavours.

Why choose the Andrésy Fruitée brand?

Generous, fruit-rich recipes: up to 65% fruit used in our copper pots, less added sugar.
All the flavour of fresh, ripe fruit picked from the tree!

Design: the simplicity of a sleek, modern design, giving pride of place to the taste of the fruit and the quality of the recipe!

3 size to serve you better:

maison andresy - ANDRÉSY FRUITÉE - 25g size_ENGL
maison andresy - ANDRÉSY FRUITÉE - 25g_ENGL
maison andresy - ANDRÉSY FRUITÉE - 25g_ENGL

Individual sizes 25g & 42g

The must for breakfast!

  • Guaranteeing the right dose and hygiene
  • Glass jar and metal cap for total recyclability

By box of 80 jars (25 g size)
By box of 60 jars (42 g)

Grocery size 260g : to share !

  • In hotels : to liven up your breakfast buffets
  • In convenient stores : an original touch of freshness
  • Can be using as a base for pastry recipes.

Available in boxes of 6 jars of the same recipe

Andrésy Fruitée, even more fruit-rich recipes for everyone

We use up to 65% fruit in our copper cauldron for the strawberry, and more than 50% fruit for the orange – we wanted our Andrésy Fruitée recipes to be even fruitier.

And low sugar recipes for each fruit : only 48% for these high-end preparations of fruits

We select the best of Nature so we want you to taste it!

maison andresy - ANDRÉSY FRUITÉE - table service

Andrésy Fruitée in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and catering services:

Are you looking for recipes rich in fruit, for an explosion of flavour? Our Andrésy Fruitée brand is for you.
The individual jars are perfect for :

  • guaranteeing that you can enjoy them
  • offering choice and variety
  • avoiding food waste
  • meeting your CSR commitments: total recyclability of materials

Our Andrésy fruity recipes are available in 2 individual jar sizes:

  • in 25g for just the right amount of fruit for a rich slice of bread
  • In 42g format to offer more indulgence 

Andrésy Fruitée in shops, convenience stores and delicatessens:

Would your customers like to combine great taste with a low-sugar recipe? Andrésy Fruitée makes it possible!

Andrésy Fruitée’s even more fruit-rich recipes are perfect!

  • 50% to 65% fruit used in our copper pots
  • smooth cooking that respects the fruit, with only 48% sugars concentration

Andrésy Fruitée is available in an adapted 260g format for local shops – or breakfast and brunch buffets

maison andresy - ANDRÉSY FRUITÉE - grocery size

UNIQUE: customize Andrésy Fruitée in private labelling and make a difference!

Upgrade your customer’s satisfaction and your branding !

maison andresy - ANDRÉSY FRUITÉE - private label 25g & 42g

Little details help make your guests’ stay memorable, don’t they ? 

Choosing private label for your jam jars in room service, table service or buffet benefits to :

  • Loyalty: coming back to stay in your establishment
  • Prescription: conveying positive reviews to generate new customers

Why customise our brand with your logo?

  • Uprade customer’sexperience by creating a unique and distinctive customer experience
  • Help create a consistent atmosphere in the restaurant’s dining areas and across all consumption moments
  • Create unique welcome gifts or personalised souvenirs

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