Technical expertises

Maison Andresy has always been practicing excellence and offering tailor-made solutions. Our fruits are selected carefully and cooked with respect of the traditional know-how. As a market driven company since 1952 we implement efficient tools and are always in search for innovation.

OUR EXPERTISE Since 1952, our learning pathways have been enhanced by our collaborations with the greatest people in France and in the world. Our expertise enables us to help you, advise you, train you and create with you your own successful product. Our experts are always ready to assist you from the beginning of the project to the commercialization of your products. We adapt for you the recipes, the packaging, the production, the marketing, and the commercialization to your market, country and legislation needs.

Mesure en laboratoire

« unique recipes that matches you »

Sélection de fruits bio

– Our selected fruits

We have been selecting the best fruits for our jams during 3 generations. The quality of our ingredients is our greatest concern. Our jams are made with whole fruits that are picked before it is fully ripe. More than 50% of our supplies are guaranteed of French Origin. We select the best varieties on the most qualitative European soils in order to meet the Chefs’ expectations and the great brands for which we create unique recipes.

Traditional cooking

We only use copper cauldrons to cook our cane sugar based recipes, in small quantities and steamed. This cooking method guarantees the right time to get the optimal quality and do not degrade the fruit.

– Innovation

We do not only create our own recipes but also unique recipes that matches you. Each year our product quality service reviews the historical recipe book to add new creations inspired by the best French and worldwide Chefs’ gastronomic and pastry trends.

The filling

We have always used technology to support the quality of our products, our client’s requirements and our customer’s safety. Our tools are adapted to our customer needs: size, volumes, pace and labelling. Most of our production needs are specifically adjusted to ensure a regular, optimal quality that is consistent with the approved client’s projects. Our System Quality service secures the safety, the traceability and perform a constant monitoring of our products by the practical application of HACCP, IFS standard and continual regulatory monitoring.


Logos HACCP et IFS Food
Etiquettes de pots de confiture

– We can help in

  • Putting you in touch with graphic designers, printers, boxes manufacturers, carriers, logisticians, distributors to export
  • Creating or adapt your packagings to your marketing needs or legals requirements, in every area of the world
  • Acheter, stocker et gérer vos pots, capsules, étiquettes
  • Buying, stocking your products and following the supplies and quality

– We provide:

  • A traceability from the farmer to your consumer, with regular controls throughout the production
  • The filling and the follow-up of specifications, data sheets and documents for tenders, specific export licenses
  • An effective consumer service


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