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Bassine de cuivre à confiture

Since 1952


Our family has been in business since 1952. Three generations have succeeded each other before the copper cauldrons to create and cook the best jams with respect to the traditions and the French gastronomy.

Our premises were originally placed in the heart of the largest orchard in the region of Ile de France, few kilometres away from Paris. We have always been passionate about the premium French brands, Chefs and the finest French tables for which the country is famous.

Our expertise in the field of fruits is the result of 60 years of collaborations with the leading professionals. We have been able to learn and understand how to select the best ingredients from the best terroirs to create exceptional recipes, adapted to each of our partners.

Our founder


Our founder, René Walther, and his wife Jocelyne started by cooking the fruits in the surrounding orchards. Once cooked they would sell them to the neighbouring retail shops and market places. They were helped by the boatmen’s wives of the port of Conflans St Honorine who during the off-season were behind the copper pans cooking delicious jams, fruit pastes and syrups.

The orchards have disappeared. The barges became fewer. Traders have changed. That is why Gérard CASSAN, their son-in-law, started to create specific recipes for premium hotels and palaces.

René Walther, fondateur Andrésy Confitures
Pots divers

Technological innovation


. He was raised by a Breton nurse who was passionate about the terroir and his curiosity for technological innovations has made him invent solutions to meet his customer needs and protect his collaborators.

He was the first to introduce the small portion jars in the jam field and thus ensure his most demanding clients a perfect hygiene and product quality.

He worked together with the greatest French chefs and premium pastry chefs to develop special and original recipes, adapted to the tastes of all these discerning gourmets.

That is how Andresy confitures specialized in the production of tailor made products and projects

The “Made in France”


Each client has its own gustatory identity, its recipe made with selected fruits, the right cooking time, the best texture and its own jar and labels.

In the mean time, the business world has evolved. Famous brand names were created and have highlighted the french terroir. Importers around the world started to look for ‘the French Cuisine’. We then got into technological innovation to meet the increasing volumes, regularity, hygiene and safety demands for the consumer.

Confitures à l'ancienne Andrésy
Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Some fresh air


Today, his children that represent the third generation, strive for excellence while maintaining the family traditions. Laure, Bruno and Julia are demanding gourmets that have fallen in the copper pan when they were little!

Together, they succeeded in obtaining the ‘Living Heritage Company’ label that recognizes a company works in the respect of the French culinary tradition and artisan producers. They keep up with the traditional know-how because their structure and products is more suitable for high quality service and product.

A story of families


They bring their expertise in business, marketing, research and development, management and technological innovations.

The small traditional Yvelines factory still exists.

It has evolved, innovated and entered the 21st century while respecting its original values of quality and expertise.
Families that started with Andresy Confitures are still involved in cooking the best jams, fruit preparations, and compotes for the most premium French brands. New families have joined our adventure and brought some fresh air to our factory.

At Andresy Confitures the French gastronomic tradition matches perfectly the technological and culinary innovation.
Our talent is recognized by international and national certifications. And the greatest brands carry on trusting us to develop their recipes and brands

Confitures à l'ancienne Andrésy
Andrésy Confitures certifications

We can do the same for you, come and live a unique experience: let us create one more recipe… yours!

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