Private labelling

Maison Andresy has always been practicing excellence and offering tailor-made solutions. Our fruits are selected carefully and cooked with respect of the traditional knowhow.
As a market driven company we implement efficient tools and are always in search for innovation.

We do not only create our own recipes but also unique recipes that matches
you. Each year our product quality service reviews the historical recipe book
to add new creations inspired by the best French and worldwide Chefs’
gastronomic and pastry trends.

Le travail à façon chez Andrésy Confitures

« To meet each and every one of your needs »

Travail à façon des confitures

– Tailor-made products.

Maison Andresy is known for being specialist in private labelling and tailor-made products.

We have been working with great chefs, luxury hotels, the finest starred restaurants, premium hotels in France and in the world. These demanding clients have taught us excellence and taste for innovation. We know how to meet each and every one of your needs.

– You can select :

  • The origin of the fruit, the ingredients
  • The type of crops: Organic, sustainable or traditional
  • The type of recipe: extra jam, fruit preparations, light, 100% fruits , compotes, preserves, jellies, specialties, curds, sauces, honeys, condiments, etc.
  • The texture

Our tools and production processes are flexible and rigorous at the same time. We can produce small quantities to launch a new range just as well as more important ones to provide regularly all your outlets.

Le travail à façon et la cuisson des fruits
Choix des bocaux

– You can choose :

  • You can choose:
  • Size and shape of the jar
  • Color of lid
  • Size, shape and number of labels

Want to create your own recipe ? A whole range ?