Coliseurs, what new features can you add to your gourmet gourmet baskets to keep them attractive?

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April 2024

Parcels are highly appreciated by companies to honor their customers, by works councils for employees, and more generally by all those who receive them.
Of all the different types of parcel, gourmet food baskets are an ever-popular category, and above all a very convivial one, because they enable people to share good food.
Are you looking for a way to make your gourmet parcels even more attractive to win new customers?
Would you like to offer more choice to retain existing customers?

Find out how our Maison Andrésy recipes can help you achieve these goals.

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Why include new products in your gift packages?

Customers love novelty: it renews your offer in an attractive way with a wider choice.

What do you need?

  • Lightweight products: high shipping costs are often discouraging.
  • Value-for-money products: while quality is the key to increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction, you also need to remain profitable.
  • Products that evoke emotion: creating a bond builds loyalty and makes your customers prescribers of your products and services.

Maison Andrésy has everything you need!

Quelles nouveautés pour votre offre de coffret cadeau gourmand ?

Keep it simple: insert our 5 jar discovery jam box

Maison Andrésy, renowned for its craftsmanship in the art of jam making, offers a simple and elegant solution for your customers: the 5 jar discovery jam box.

We’ve brought together our best-selling artisan jams in individual jars in an elegant box. A practical discovery offer to include in your parcels.

What’s in our Andrésy À L’Ancienne box?

  • 3 classics: strawberry jam, apricot jam, bitter orange jam
  • 2 original flavors to create a surprise: peach jam and 4 red fruit jam.

There’s nothing like MUST HAVE jams and 2 original flavors to help you discover our craftsmanship all year round. A must-have gift for everyone.

Prefer to choose your own assortment? Then Andrésy Fruitée is for you!

That’s right! Maison Andrésy has launched a new range of recipes, combining its traditional know-how with the modernity of a recipe even richer in fruit and less sweet: Andrésy Fruitée.
Our recipes are available in 2 formats, perfect for collators:
– 25g – small, individual jars, for more tastes in every gourmet basket
– 42g – more gourmet individual jars, perfect if you really want to enjoy the taste of the freshly picked fruit in our recipes.

STOP! Didn't you know there was such a thing as a recipe with even more fruit and less sugar?

Andrésy Fruitée’s recipes are very modern: from 60 to 65% fruit, depending on the optimal, authentic taste sought for each fruit. And always gently steamed in a copper pot.

Need chocolate? Discover Andrésy Instants individual formats

Some customers want chocolate in their gourmet basket. Did you know that the French consume on average 2kgs more chocolate per year than their European neighbors? (source article Le Mag de l’Économie)

Our Andrésy Instants brand offers a range of chocolate recipes ideal for your gourmet parcels and baskets:

  • Andrésy Instant chocolate powder in its individual 20 g sachet: old-fashioned chocolate, with 35% cocoa, a hint of vanilla, just the right amount of cane sugar, and that’s it. A portion to pour into a cup of hot milk and enjoy with gourmet pleasure.

Our individual sachets of chocolate powder are easy-to-use, lightweight products for your gourmet parcel.

  • Andrésy Instants chocolate spread in individual jars: a creamy spread, with no added fat, just cocoa, French milk and a touch of finely ground Italian hazelnuts, gently cooked in a copper basin.

The French gourmet tradition. Everything you need to seduce your customers and win their loyalty.

How to build loyalty with savory gourmet packages?

Everyone’s tastes count when it comes to your gift packages, and some people prefer savory dishes.

How can you offer your customers a wide choice to convince or win their loyalty?

  • At Maison Andrésy we offer you our delicious sweet and savoury Andrésy Instants recipes in individual or shared formats Onion Confit & Fig Confit – 42g or 125g
  • Cheese recipes: combinations of fruit and herbs, in 130g
    • Black cherry and Espelette pepper
    • Figs and walnuts

With our recipes, each season you can create an assortment of savory products for your packaging offers. The options are numerous

  • local packages
  • cheese platters
  • holiday packages

Traditional confits?

Confits are an excellent accompaniment to a variety of dishes and cheeses, adding a gastronomic touch of sweet and savory flavor.

Their acidity and sweetness are the perfect complement to meat, fish or seasonal vegetable dishes.

Pour Fromages recipes are all specially designed to bring out the best in the cheeses in your fresh parcels: rich in fruit and with less sugar, plus an aromatic or dried fruit.

STOP! Didn't know we made Pour Fromages recipes?

For over 40 years we’ve been specialists in high-end French catering. That’s why we’ve developed recipes and products for French-style meals – which are very popular internationally too!
To add them to your regular order, simply order them 😉

Au fait, les avez-vous en magasin ces assortiments Andrésy Fruitée et Andrésy Instants ? Comment les commander ?

Nous sommes convaincus que nos produits peuvent vous accompagner dans vos démarches de séduction de nouveaux clients ou de fidélisation des clients réguliers.

Pour commander ces recettes, vous pouvez nous contacter par : 

  • Téléphone pour un conseil direct, personnalisé : +33 (0)1 39 75 14 55
  • Mail pour une souplesse de commande, quand vous voulez :
  • Ou encore plus simple, venez créer votre compte client afin de passer commande directement sur notre application de commande en ligne !

Sur notre application vous aurez accès à tous nos produits, nos nouveautés, nos idées recettes… et bien d’autres encore !

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