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April 2024
Mother’s Day is a springtime must for families and, of course, for your May top-up sale.

At any age, you’ll want to take advantage of Mother’s Day to honor and thank your mom. But with what original Mother’s Day gift?

This is where your advice is invaluable, whether you’re a florist, a delicatessen, a decorating boutique or a food retailer such as a cheesemonger, a pastry chef, a baker, a wine merchant… All of you can recommend a gourmet Mother’s Day gift to your customers!

So how can you boost your sales and make more additional sales in May for Mother’s Day?

Here are our 5 tips for selling more in May on Mother’s Day thanks to Maison Andrésy jams!

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What complementary sales in your boutiques for Mother’s Day?

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is a challenge! No matter how well we know our mothers, year after year, we end up exhausting all the good ideas…

So how about a gourmet gift for Mother’s Day? Cakes, chocolates, jams, spreads, etc. are sure-fire favourites, with an added bonus: they’re gifts that can be shared! Memories guaranteed!

Don’t know what to offer in your shops to boost sales on Mother’s Day?

Whether you’re a florist, a delicatessen, a decorating boutique or a food retailer such as a cheese maker, a pastry chef, a baker, a wine merchant, … here are our 3 tips for successful complementary sales on Mother’s Day in May!

Tip no. 1: Use special Mother’s Day recipes!
LOVE the special Mother’s Day jam recipe

At Maison Andrésy we’ve created a unique fragrance to celebrate Mother’s Day, and we’ve called it LOVE (because we love our moms!).

But what is this fragrance?

The Mother’s Day LOVE jam is an exclusive recipe, in a pretty light red, that combines France’s favorite fruit in jam, with a fruity juice and a flower:

passion fruit juice
rose petals

Poetic and delicious, isn’t it?

What’s more, Maison Andrésy’s LOVE recipe is a fruit preparation – even richer in fruit than a jam, and much less sweet: 65% fruit and only 48% sugar at the end of cooking. To be enjoyed without moderation!

Of course, to make it an even more relevant gift for Mother’s Day, the label is very special and, above all, in the red and pink colors of the love we have for our beloved mothers.

STOP! Do you need event products to liven up your stores?

For more than 70 years, Maison Andrésy has been developing tailor-made recipes for events organized by the major French brands – and also for its own ranges!

Would you like to order our events for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Grandma’s Day, etc.?

Tip no. 2: Offer flowers… to taste!

Florists know it well: spring is one of the prettiest seasons for flowers. Did you know that we used to cook flowers in our copper pots?

The Speciality of Roses Andrésy À L’Ancienne

This recipe is traditionally called “Confit de Roses” or “gelée de Roses” – the law says: “Spécialité de Roses”.

Whatever its name, do you know this recipe? Do you sell it in your stores?

It’s a traditional recipe from many rose-growing countries.

At Maison Andrésy, we’ve selected highly fragrant, untreated rose petals, grown especially for tasting in pastries or cooking in culinary recipes.

We steam them in cane sugar in our copper basins.

The result is a jelly-like texture, sprinkled with rose petals and lightly colored.

This Rose Speciality can be used in several different ways:

as an ingredient: in dessert recipes, to flavor and sweeten (macaroons, cakes, sorbets…)
as a topping: on panna cotta, rice pudding, ice cream, almond cookies, etc.
as an accompaniment to cheeses: goat’s cheeses especially, and why not cooked pasta?

Thanks to rose jelly, this year’s Mother’s Day is all about sharing and exchanging 😉

florists will add the rose confit recipe to their bouquets as a complementary sale
other businesses will be able to sell flowers too, thanks to our Andrésy À l’ancienne rose speciality.

Tip no. 3: Stay in tune with Mother’s Day with red or pink gifts

Relying on colors associated with love, friendship and Mother’s Day is an excellent idea: it attracts the eye and encourages additional sales and cross-selling!

Here’s a selection of jam recipes ideal for your red and pink decorations:

by Maison Andrésy

Andrésy À L’Ancienne cherry jam: red!

Cherries are known as one of the fruits of the spring season. Another good reason to offer cherry jam as a Mother’s Day gift.


Andrésy Confitures works with 2 varieties for its cherry jam:

Black cherry: very dark in color, with a mild, even bland flavor, naturally sweeter when ripe than other cherries.
Morello cherry: light red, with fruity, tangy notes and lots of character when tasted.

Of course, we recommend Morello cherry jam as a gourmet gift for Mother’s Day.

How can you recommend it to your customers?

by talking about its taste: fruity, tangy notes, lots of character when tasted.
by recommending it as an accompaniment to dairy products, as a topping for ice cream or panna cotta, or with chocolate desserts.
by suggesting it to cheese lovers: ideal with cooked cheeses such as Ossau Iraty, goat’s milk tomme, or tapas with ewe’s milk cheese (ewe’s milk shortbread with cherry jam?).

Andrésy Fruitée raspberry jam: pink!

The raspberry is one of the most common berries to be found in French gardens. We pick and enjoy them throughout the spring and sometimes even in early summer.

Why not offer raspberry jam as a Mother’s Day gift?

for its balanced taste of fruit and acidity, reminiscent of candy
for its even richer recipe, with 65% fruit and low-sugar content: the authentic taste of freshly picked fruit on your toast
for its pleasant spreadable texture: raspberry is a very fragile fruit when cooked, and spreads perfectly in jams
for its pretty candy-pink color

by Maison Andrésy

STOP! Do you like jam and cheese combinations?

In cheese shops or delicatessens, why not offer jams to accompany cheeses, or fruit preparations specially designed to be enjoyed with cheeses?

In individual or shared formats, Maison Andrésy offers you a selection of recipes for cheese, thanks to the Andrésy Instants range.

Tip 4: Create Mother’s Day-themed product groupings


For even more Mother’s Day extra sales, group products around the same theme!

make a pretty “pink” (or red) basket or package with several pink products
combine flowers with a gourmet gift: a bouquet with roses and our Rose Speciality, a red bouquet and the special Love recipe for Mother’s Day
a “Gourmandises à partager” theme: with one or all of our jams from the Mother’s Day selection!

Tip 5: Use your social networks to give Mother’s Day gift ideas


Whether you’re a florist, a delicatessen, a decorating boutique or a food retailer such as a cheesemonger, a patissier, a baker, a wine merchant, etc., you certainly have at least one page on a social network?

How about offering your customers great product visuals via social networks?

Many of your customers are looking for inspiration via facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest for their Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Don’t miss this opportunity to spread the word about the products you select and make more Mother’s Day sales!

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By the way: do you have these products in store?

How to order our selection of Mother's Day gifts?

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On our application, you’ll have access to all our products, our new products, our recipe ideas…

Now you’ve got all the tips you need to make additional sales for Mother’s Day!

We wish you great sales and a wonderful holiday!

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