French artisanal jams: how to import them easily? Discover the partnership between Maison Andrésy and Euro H&J

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September 2022

Are you looking for products made in France to supply your grocers and beautiful international hotels for the high season? Do you need both sweet and savory products?

Discover how Maison Andrésy, hand in hand with Euro H&J, has been able to adapt to the changing context in recent years and develop 100% customized products for South Korea!

It is Hubert PARE, the founder of Euro H&J, who has been importing and distributing all our French artisanal jams in South Korea as well as our savory condiments since 2013!

He answers today in an exclusive testimonial for the Maison Andrésy blog!

Brand Les Confitures à l'Ancienne by the artisanal jam maker Andrésy Confitures

Hubert PARE, could you first introduce us to “Euro H&J”? 


HP: “Euro H&J, 유로에이치엔제이 in Korean, is a company I founded 16 years ago here in South Korea. We import and distribute high-end gourmet products, exclusively French products.

We have jams and savory condiments from Maison Andrésy, of course, but also chocolate from Michel Cluizel, caramels from Maison d’Armoire, gavottes from Loc Maria and Brets chips.

For Maison Andrésy, our clients are in food service, they are beautiful starred hotels mainly.”


Why this desire to have exclusively French products?


HP: “It was obvious to me since I am French!

Later on, it turned out to be easier, especially for logistics.
We can group all the products in France before sending them to South Korea, which considerably reduces our costs!”

Tartines de confitures originales d'andrésy confitures
Tartines de confitures originales d'andrésy confitures
Tartines de confitures originales d'andrésy confitures

Hubert PARE, what opportunities does the Korean market offer you for the French artisanal jams?


What are the favorite tastes of your customers in jam?


HP: “On the small jars of jams, there is competition in South Korea but we manage to distinguish ourselves thanks to the know-how of Maison Andrésy’s French artisanal jams!

We offer in flavors :
– Strawberry jam and bitter orange jam, which are our spearheads
– Blueberry jam
– Fig jam
– Apricot jam

All are available in formats :
– 28g: the individual format has been winning over the last few years for hygiene and food safety reasons, whether for room service or the buffet.
– 1kg: the ideal format for intermediate hotel buffets with larger volumes.”

Do you provide your customers with Maison Andrésy’s savory condiments?


HP: “Of course! That’s what we are asked for the most!

The savory condiments in small formats are very popular, especially the ketchup and mustard, which is quite surprising but can be explained very well.

– There are only a few players who offer savory condiments in small sizes in South Korea, so Euro H&J is very competitive thanks to Maison Andrésy’s products!
– The customer base for savory condiments is broader: more intermediate hotels may be interested in these products.
– The quality-price ratio is quite good for products imported from France!
– The good reputation of Maison Andrésy’s products also helps in the decision, with a frankly excellent taste.” 

What are the differences with France in terms of your customers?

HP: “The biggest distinction is a Korean character trait I would say.
Koreans are very demanding, they don’t like to wait.

Their orders arrive one day, they have to leave the next.
So we have to be very reactive!

By organizing ourselves correctly, we always manage to have stock available, even if it has become more complicated for everyone over the past two years.”

Is going through customs a constraint for you, Hubert PARE, concerning the French artisanal jams of Maison Andrésy?

HP: “It could appear as a constraint indeed.

South Korea has very strict regulatory requirements for product labels. We have modified our entire production at Maison Andrésy accordingly and have switched to a specific production for the Korean market.”

Moutarde et condiments - Andrésy Cuisine
Moutarde et condiments - Andrésy Cuisine

How is this production of 100% custom-made French jams a strength for your company? How did the expertise of Maison Andrésy help you in the process?

HP: “It’s a strength because it allows us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors in small jars of French artisanal jams and savory condiments!

In order to meet the regulatory requirements, we have been able to adapt to extend our partnership with Maison Andrésy and your teams have been there!

Maison Andrésy accompanied us step by step during the creation process of our specific production. And now, our jars are shipped to Seoul by boat and truck, and then they are labeled by hand in our premises.

We also provide our beautiful international hotels with custom-made discovery boxes of Maison Andrésy’s French artisanal jams

Our personalized box contains the flavors that we have carefully selected with the help of your teams:

– Fig jam

– Strawberry jam

– Apricot jam

– Bitter orange jam

– Blueberry jam

This box allows us to introduce our Korean customers to a wider range of flavors. 

A final word from Xavier PARE for Euro H&J?

HP: “For our Korean customers, it is very difficult to understand the supply difficulties, the delays, despite an unprecedented health situation.

As an international player, we really need anticipation, visibility and reliability. And the experts at Maison Andrésy are always there to answer us, which is really appreciated.

Thank you to Hubert PARRE and Euro H&J for this exclusive interview on the importation of French artisanal jams in South Korea.

If you wish to benefit from advice according to your geographical zone of importation, you can contact our experts by clicking here