Interview with Fairouz Nhiri, for Atlantic Foods in Casablanca: how to enhance hotel breakfasts with Maison Andrésy condiments?

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Jully 2023

Ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise are in the spotlight today!

Are you a distributor of French gastronomy on an international scale? Would you like to offer your hotel customers a competitive product?
Would you like to develop their breakfast offer with savory condiments and accompaniments?

We put our questions to Fairouz Nhiri, Head of sales at Casablanca-based Atlantic Foods!

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Based in Casablanca, Atlantic Foods was founded in 1986 and specializes in importing and distributing food products for out-of-home catering!

The company stocks 33 food brands, including Maison Andrésy!

Interview with Fairouz Nhiri, Head of Sales for Atlantic Foods in Casablanca:

how to enhance hotel breakfasts with Maison Andrésy condiments? 


Ms. Nhiri, why do you offer Maison Andrésy condiments to your hotel customers?


Fairouz Nhiri: “First and foremost, it’s a competitive advantage for us and a complement to our offering for hotels.

Our clientele is made up almost exclusively of large palaces and restaurants between Marrakech and Casablanca.

As well as offering them sweet products for breakfast – chocolate, cream and fruit purée for desserts – we wanted to offer them savoury products!
And condiments in individual mini jars have proved very popular with our hotel customers!”



What condiments does Atlantic Foods offer?



Fairouz Nhiri: “We have the iconic trio of hotel condiments:

  • Ketchup
  • Dijon mustard
  • Mayonnaise

Our best sellers are still ketchup and mustard, because end customers are more fond of these recipes with French fries, for example.
Mayonnaise is less in demand in these hotels.

We have all Maison Andrésy condiments in individual formats (25g or 22g), as this is the most attractive for our customers.
They can use them for room service and table service!”

These condiments and delicacies are available in the Andrésy Instants range!

Honey, chocolate hazelnut spread, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup… 

Fairouz Nhiri

Head of Sales

  • What’s your childhood jam?

Fairouz Nhiri: “Raspberry jam, which my mother has always made.” 

  • How do you enjoy your jam?

Fairouz Nhiri: “Either with a slice of bread or with fromage blanc. Excellent!”

  • Spoon or knife to serve yourself?

 Fairouz Nhiri: “The knife is more practical.”

  • What do you remember about jam?

Fairouz Nhiri: “I’ve always been skeptical of my mother’s red bell pepper jam, but it’s really good with cheese! Sometimes you’re surprised by appearances.”
Next idea for your R&D department? 

  • With whom do you dream of sharing a tartine?

Fairouz Nhiri: “With Mercotte, to share a convivial moment around gourmet pastry.” 

Ms. Nhiri, how do you choose a French supplier to import products like Maison Andrésy condiments?


Fairouz Nhiri: “First and foremost, we seek a relationship of trust with our business partners.

Certain shared values are essential in the hotel business (and elsewhere!):

  • Communication,
  • transparency
  • And the spirit of long-term teamwork!

We often say at Atlantic Foods that a business partnership is like a marriage – you have to make it last!

We’re looking for a partnership based on mutual trust, and with Maison Andrésy we’ve found what we’re looking for!” 

Our artisanal jams

Did you know that you can order Maison Andrésy jams and condiments in individual glass jars of 28g?

maison-andresy-condiments range-mustard-ketchup-mayonnaise

Ms Nhiri, any final words?

Fairouz Nhiri: “We’re trying to push the mayonnaise for our condiment offering to ensure this essential trio in the hotel business.

We hope that international tourists this summer will participate in this craze!”