Which are the most suitable Maison Andrésy jam jars for hotel breakfasts?

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March 2022

Your customers will take advantage of the nice weather to leave and visit your beautiful hotels and guest rooms! You are putting the final touches to your breakfasts but you hesitate between small and large jam jars for the buffet? You hesitate to put individual jars of jam on your room service trays?

This article is for you! Discover which jam jars are the most adapted for your different hotel breakfasts!

Miel - Saveurs Andrésy Nature

What makes the small jam jar perfect for hotel breakfasts?



Maison Andrésy offers you all these jams in an exceptional format of 28g! This format is ideal for all your hotel breakfasts, whether they are served in a buffet or in room service!


For the personalized breakfast, these individual jam jars are practical for you hoteliers!


This format even allows you to taste several jams during the same meal or the same stay! The dream for your gourmet customers. 


You can find in our jars of 28g :
– Our Maison Andrésy branded jams, including the range of Confitures à l’Ancienne that your customers love so much! To know more, download our catalogs.
– Your jams that you can adapt to your brand, to your effigy, to your taste! To discover more, contact our experts.
– Savory condiments of course!
– And all other delicacies: maple syrup, spreads…


Note that maple syrup, spread, dijon mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise are only available in these particular formats!

They can be essential for a salty and/or sweet breakfast, but also for brunch or a snack!


So many opportunities to enjoy Maison Andrésy products!


Confiture Andrésy Origines Myrtilles

But how to have an original hotel breakfast? Personalize your jams!



For your beautiful hotels and guest rooms, you want more originality in the jam recipes, in the jars or in the labels?


Personalize your jams thanks to the know-how of Maison Andrésy!


It is always a great honor for our Maison to accompany you in your original project of personalized jams for your brand.


For you hotel managers, these personalized jams are the guarantee to differentiate you from your competitors by offering jams that your consumers cannot find anywhere else. They do not see a bitter orange jam every day and yet your foreign customers, especially your English customers appreciate them strongly!


These personalized jams are a good way for your customers to keep a lasting memory of your hotel breakfast before going on an adventure for the day, or coming back from vacation (yes, you have to come back home at some point!).

Do you want more information about custom-made jams?
You want to evaluate the feasibility of your project?
Contact our sales team.
We will be pleased to answer you.

Petits pots de ketchup Andrésy


How can other jam jar formats also be perfectly suitable for hotel breakfasts?


At Maison Andrésy, you can find jars of different sizes for breakfast in your hotel or guest room: 28g, 270g and even 1kg!


The gastronomic trend in recent years has been to reduce packaging so that everyone can reduce their impact on the environment. These ecological values are more and more important and sought after by your customers (you have surely already noticed it!).


You can, then, show your ecological commitment with jars of jams in grocery store format of 270g for breakfasts that your customers can share with their family!
Also, the big 1kg jars of jam could well be devoured quickly if the families’ stay lasts!


Enjoying a jam is also sharing it with those you love.