Winter jams : shopkeepers, what are the MUST HAVE for your shelves ?

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October 2022

Shopkeepers, think of building up your stock of winter jams before the winter season!

Soon your customers will be on the slopes and on your shelves, it is essential to provide them with seasonal jams, and why not with Maison Andrésy artisanal jams?

For your local shops, in the mountains or in town, discover the essential MUST HAVE winter jams from our House!

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Winter jams in your stores: for what moments?


Before unveiling our top 5 winter jams, you must determine for which occasions to offer seasonal jams!

Skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts need energy throughout the day. Therefore, breakfast is an important first moment. 

For breakfast, Maison Andrésy recommends two formats in particular: 270g and 1kg jars.
The traditional 270g grocery store jars are perfect for breakfasts all week long, alone or with a partner!
The 1kg jars are perfect for large families on vacation or at home!

Also during the winter, the holidays are a major part of your sales for your local businesses. Fortunately, Maison Andrésy has festive side dishes!

Thanks to Maison Andrésy, you can have several recipes for Christmas:

  • Onion confit, a classic on your customers’ holiday tables
  • Fig confit, a sweet touch for cheeses and an essential for traditional foie gras!
  • Cider confit, original and delicate – delicious with foie gras, cheeses, chocolate or apple-based dishes and desserts
  • Cranberry confit, for meat and fish

In addition, for demanding customers, offering Maison Andrésy artisanal jams is to guarantee them a taste, a smell, a texture of exception and pure greed!

Tartines de confitures originales d'andrésy confitures

How to choose your winter jam manufacturer: what are the consumers’ expectations ?



For your French and international customers, their seasonal jams need essential qualities:

  • Jams with a majority of French origin: The Made In France has the wind in its sails for several years now. Your consumers are attentive to the origin of the products which they buy and the winter jams do not make exception there!
    • Our jams are cooked in Maurecourt, in the Yvelines (78) for more than 30 years thanks to the French know-how illustrated by the copper basin!
    • Our fruits come from 70% of the French territory and some jams are 100% French! To know more about the origin of our fruits by reading this article.
  • Artisanal jams: The French know-how is more and more valued in the minds of the consumers and they wish to put it forward at home. Endowed with a unique know-how inherited from 3 generations of great jam makers, our jams guarantee a real experience for the 5 senses of your customers, young and old!
  • A large choice of seasonal jams: for more pleasure throughout the season, your customers need to vary the pleasures and therefore vary the fruits. At Maison Andrésy, you can find in the Andrésy à l’Ancienne range all the winter jams to last the season: Bitter Orange, Fig (270g only), Mirabelle plum (1kg only) or even milk jam and chestnut cream! And more to discover by consulting our catalog Andrésy à l’Ancienne!

For your comfort too, Maison Andrésy has thought about the problems of your local shops! Our House assures you :

  • The reliability of your expert contact: we are always at your service!
  • Quality at every pot: thanks to the many checks carried out by all our employees on the production lines. They are all trained by the quality department!

Discover how Maison Andrésy even allows you to customize your jams for winter in this article!

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Top 5 jams and festive products for the winter season!


We come to the top 5 of the winter jams and festive products essential for your customers!

  • The inevitable citrus jams: energizing in the morning, their taste notes are perfectly associated with tea and coffee
  • Honeys to soothe sore throats and other colds: Maison Andrésy offers you flower honey in a single 28g format, perfect for your customers’ comforting tea!
  • Confits: perfect to accompany the salty side of a festive meal!
  • Chestnuts or chestnuts? Discover the Maison Andrésy chestnut cream with its exemplary texture and taste.
  • Cheese preparations: Platters of cold cuts and cheese are all the rage in summer and winter. And certain associations are so deeply rooted in the collective memory that they have become a reflex in the minds of consumers, as they are on cheese shop shelves or restaurant trays. For example, fig jam with goat cheese! And many more to discover by consulting your Maison Andrésy jam expert.

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