In retail and convenience stores, how can you take advantage of spring events to generate additional sales with our french jams ?

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March 2024

Spring and its tourist and festive events are coming ! As a retailer, you’re in a good position to know: these are opportunities for your customers to come into your stores and make purchases! And why not take the opportunity to attract tourists and visitors?

This year, what are the spring events not to be missed? How can you prepare for them? What additional sales can you expect with our french jams ?

Read on to find out how you can join the challenge of spring’s weekends and events!

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What events encourage addictive selling during the spring season?

Spring… a season full of color! Why choose this season to boost your sales and make our Maison Andrésy products available?

Well, because there are plenty of events to encourage complementary purchases in retail outlets and reservations in hotels and restaurants:

  • music festivals,
  • flower markets,
  • the reopening of remarkable gardens to visit
  • the carnival season gets underway!
  • Easter at the end of March
  • and last but not least, the May weekends: some great weekends this year!

Don’t miss them! These are great opportunities to sell more seasonal items!

Why do additional sales for this spring season?

Think you don’t need to do follow-up sales in spring? Think again!

Spring events are perfect for cross-selling:

  • There are opportunities to attract tourists from France and abroad, and visitors from other regions, who will be looking for souvenirs to buy in your stores. In some towns, festivals, carnivals, swap meets, etc. bring in many visitors in high spirits, ready to consume.
  • Easter is a great time for families to get together and buy something to enjoy at breakfast or a family meal.
  • We treat ourselves at the table to make the most of long weekends: we take the time to have a good breakfast – in a gourmet way! – and enjoy long meals

Opportunities not to be missed for lack of preparation!

So do you have everything in your cheese dairies, bakeries,, wineries and grocery stores to encourage impulse buying and opportunities to take home souvenirs?

Chocolate products

Chocolate products

Maison Andresy

In-store additional sales for the Spring season?

Chocolate: the star of spring with Easter!

According to La cité du chocolat magazine, 90% of French people eat chocolate, whether it’s powdered chocolate for a nice hot chocolate, chocolate candies, chocolate bars, cakes…What about people in your country ? 

Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase all your chocolate items, morning foods (bread, juice, milk, fruit…), as well as your sweet and savory break treats!

At Maison Andrésy we’re offering several chocolate items for extra sales this spring:

  • our chocolate-hazelnut spread (large and mini jars)
  • our Chocolate powder, in 1kg jars for those with a sweet tooth, and in individual pouchess for the more reasonable.

STOP! You didn't know we made chocolate powder?

As well as jams, for over 50 years we’ve been making the complementary products you need for breakfast or brunch: honeys, maple syrup, spreads, old-fashioned chocolate powder… We also have French-style condiments for savoury moments!

Entertaining with seasonal fruit jams: more and more in demand!

Gone are the days when you wanted to eat everything all the time!

Today, your customers pay attention to seasonal products. Even if it’s not necessarily relevant for jam, it’s a good way of boosting sales to play on the seasonal nature of fruit.

Each season brings new products to discover, which encourages you to be creative in the kitchen and offer a wider choice.

So why not showcase seasonal fruit jams in your shops to boost sales and delight your customers?

Here are the different Andrésy À L’Ancienne jams, with spring seasonal fruits, a must-have for the spring season:

  • MUST HAVE” seasonal best sellers!
    • strawberry jam
    • Morello cherry jam
    • raspberry jam
  •  seasonal originals
    • 4 red fruit jam
    • Rhubarb jam
    • seedless raspberry
    • and why not flower jams? Rose or violet specialties

Do you have them in your store? They’re an essential part of our sales mix.

Interested in our Andrésy À L'Ancienne jams?

All our jams are available for you. Discover our collection and choose your flavours from our catalogue

Confits and chutneys : for meals with family and friends

Why feature confits and chutneys in your store?

The spring season brings families and friends together for meals. Many choose confits (the french chutneys) to accompany their dishes to add a touch of sweet-savory flavor. Their acidity and sweetness are the perfect complement to meat, fish and seasonal vegetable dishes.

At Maison Andrésy we offer you the opportunity to highlight our confits for additional sales:

  • Onion confit
  • fig confit

STOP! You didn't know we made confits and chutneys ?

For over 40 years we’ve been specialists in high-end French catering. That’s why we’ve developed recipes and products for French-style meals – which are very popular internationally too!

To add them to your regular order, simply order them 😉

What can you tell your customers about Maison Andrésy confits as an upsell?

Sales promotion is all very well, but perhaps you’re wondering how to advise your customers about our products?

How about a focus on confits? These are festive products par excellence, but many people are still unfamiliar with them.

Here are the characteristics of our confits:

Andrésy Instants onion confit

Maison Andrésy’s artisanal onion confit recipe uses sweet onions, blanched in olive oil, then preserved in vinegar and cane sugar.

This is a mild recipe, with notes and aromas characteristic of onions.

It can be used as :

  • a condiment or accompaniment
  • with charcuterie or meats,
  • delicious with french foie gras
  • perfect for cheeses tastings
Onion confits - 42g & 125g

Onion confits - 42g & 125g

Andresy Instants

Fig confit - 125g

Fig confit - 125g

Andresy Instants

Andrésy Instants fig confit

Fig confit is a traditional French recipe!

It involves cooking purple figs from southern regions with cane sugar, vinegar, salt and pepper.

The fig is thus sweetened and salted.

Fig confit can be eaten with foie gras and cheeses – excellent with goat’s cheese!

Our confits can also be used in mini aperitif toasts, verrines and plate decorations;

Above all, their 46g format allows everyone to choose their own recipe and avoid food waste!

STOP ! Additional sales are a plus, but do you have the MUST HAVE for regular back-of-shelf sales?

Our classic artisanal jams can bring you a variety of flavors to satisfy every taste all year round.

Here are our flagship and must-have products :

  • Traditional strawberry jam
  • Apricot jam
  • Citrus fruit jams
  • Strawberry jam
  • Cherry jam
  • Blueberry jam

Don’t hesitate to order our must-haves for a varied and colorful shelf.

How to get more customer traffic on your networks? And how can I order our products?

How about offering them a great product visual via social networks?

The product visual is important, because people who are curious or seduced by the image will come straight to you to buy the products they saw on Instagram or Facebook.

Need some inspiration?

By the way, do you have these  Andrésy Ancienne and Andrésy Instants products in store? How can you order them?

You can contact us by :

  • Phone for direct, personalized advice: +33 (0)1 39 75 14 55
  • Mail for flexible ordering, whenever you want:

There you have it. You’ve got all the information you need to take advantage of the Spring season to make great additional sales with our powdered chocolates and jams. You know exactly how to seduce your customers with delicious breakfasts and meals using Maison Andrésy products.

We wish you happy sales!