How Maison Andresy selects the perfect seasonal fruits for your spring jams?

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April 2022


It is spring, Nature has been budding for some time and is waking up! The harvest is finally about to begin in the orchards of France.

You were waiting for them with impatience to be able to taste our spring jams? Your gourmet customers too!

Did you know that not all fruit varieties are suitable for jam? Some fruits are delicious fresh, not cooked. Others have a flesh, a skin, a perfume and a taste particularly adapted to cooking and jamming.

What expertise has Maison Andresy developed in order to know how to choose the right fruits for jam?

This is the perfect opportunity to reveal all of Maison Andresy’s secrets about selecting seasonal fruits for our delicious spring jams!

Read this article to the end to discover more about our rigorous and demanding selection to guarantee you (and your customers!) high quality jams. 

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What is the Maison Andresy selection of fruits for spring jams?



Which fruits are concerned by this rigorous selection during the harvest season?



As you can imagine, our rigorous selection concerns all the fruits used for our jams, regardless of the time of year!

In spring we welcome more particularly – and with great pleasure! – the following fruits:
– Strawberries
– Cherries
– Raspberries
These small red fruits are among the most appreciated in jams by the French and also in Europe.
They are also among the most delicate to cook!

And what about rhubarb, you may ask?

You are right, the beautiful green leaves and edible stems of rhubarb emerge from the earth. But since rhubarb is not a fruit, we cannot include it in this list.
By the way, do you remember that the rhubarb harvest started in March and that you can now enjoy its spring jam for your breakfasts?
Discover the advantages of including rhubarb jam on your menu by clicking here. 

Then, in June the fruits that will come are :
– Apricots
– Blackcurrant
– Currants
– Peaches
– Blueberries
– Plums

If you want more information about the harvest time, you can consult this article

What are the selection criteria of Maison Andresy for the spring jams?

We have several criteria because we have been jam makers since 1952! Here are our main criteria for selecting the fruits for our jams:

– Picking at maturity: for the taste of course – always the first criterion! – because a fruit must be exposed to the sun to reach its maximum sugar content and maturity

– The method of cultivation: at Maison Andresy, we want fruits that are well cultivated, that have had the time to grow properly, to develop all their characteristic flavors

– Conformity to the variety: we are looking for natural taste, color and aspect characteristics

– Suitability for cooking in jam: for fruits adapted to jamming, whose flesh supports heat and whose natural characteristics favor the osmosis of fruits and sugars essential to jamming

Did you doubt all these criteria?

We include many other criteria in our specifications.

Did you know that all our fruits are tasted, inspected and controlled by our R&D and quality team throughout the year?


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How does this demanding selection affect our spring jams?


 If we select the fruits so rigorously it is to guarantee you :
– A better cooking of jams! The quality of the fruits brings essential qualities for a perfect cooking in the copper basin.
– An exceptional taste of spring jams obviously. Better cooking = better taste!
– An excellence worthy of your guests and customers!

The rigorous selection of the fruits for jams is thus the essential base of our artisanal manufacture. As the mantra of the greatest cooks says: «  No good dishes without good ingredients! »


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Why these choices in the selection of our fruits for spring jams?


Maison Andresy has been making jams for quality establishments – hotels, delicatessens, local shops and fine French food brands – since 1952. Three generations of jam makers have succeeded one another to satisfy you!


Over the years, we have developed a recognized know-how and an important knowledge of fruits. 


Did you know? Maison Andresy is at the same time :
– Living Heritage Company, for its know-how and expertise,
– Artisan and Producer of quality, at the Collège Culinaire de France, for the quality of its recipes,
– Chosen by a majority of quality hotels in France and abroad


It is our knowledge of the art of the jam and the fruits which leads us since the beginning to have these criteria of requirement on the selection of the fruits for jams


It is also for this reason that we hold with our artisanal production of jams! We know that it is essential to guarantee an exceptional taste. If you wish to discover more about our artisanal production of spring jams, this article could interest you.

Do you have a project requiring even more demanding fruit sourcing?
You want to source only organic fruits?
Contact our experts to see the feasibility of your custom-made jam project!