Why refer the rhubarb jam for your healthy breakfast offer of the beautiful days?

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March 2022

The days lengthen in March and the beautiful days arrive with great step. Your customers will take advantage of this to go on a long weekend and take rooms in your beautiful hotels and guest houses. Maison Andrésy will help you prepare an unforgettable stay for them thanks to spring jams and especially rhubarb jam!

Why rhubarb ? Spring is the beginning of the rhubarb harvest season. It appears, majestic, in every garden. So it’s inevitable: we think of its energizing acidity for our dairy products and breakfast sandwiches!

Discover in this article how Maison Andrésy offers you this traditional recipe from the North of France for your healthy breakfast on sunny days!

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Why is rhubarb jam the ideal recipe for a balanced spring breakfast?



In spring, rhubarb grows in just a few days! This plant, with its green leaves and pink stem, often grows in gardens but we don’t always know what to do with it (and rightly so!).


However, your customers often enjoy it in pies, compotes or jams.
Rhubarb brings a touch of originality and awakens the taste buds with its particular acidity.


Maison Andrésy’s rhubarb jam recipe is a traditional recipe from our home-made recipe booklet. A sure asset to seduce your customers!


Cuisson en bassine de cuivres - Andrésy Confitures

Rhubarb jam: our know-how to serve your customers! 


Although rhubarb jam has long been a traditional household skill, it is not so simple to make.
It requires real expertise to bring out the fruitiness of the rhubarb and not let its natural acidity take away all the taste notes!

Maison Andrésy’s know-how lies in the mastery of gentle steaming of the plant to obtain a delicate rhubarb jam for the demanding palates of your guests and clients.

Our gentle cooking method, in our authentic copper basins, using steam, according to precise recipes and proportions, also influences the taste of our rhubarb jam.
To learn more about our cooking in copper basins and to be able to explain everything to your customers about their favorite jams, go to our blog article.

This control is also found in the sourcing of fruits and in the requirement of the Maison. Our rhubarb jam recipe is so appreciated by your customers because the rhubarb is carefully selected by our experts according to its variety, its time of maturity…

Our commitments on fruits and plants are high. Making jam is a profession!

– Choice of the best varieties and origins of the fruits for jam: it is necessary to know that a fruit which you find excellent in tasting is not necessarily the best after cooking and the confisage required to make jam. The fruits for jam need other qualities. This is where our sourcing expertise comes in!
– Hence the importance of the criteria set by technical sheets and very specific specifications to guarantee an excellence of taste.
– As well as R&D controls at the confectionery to guarantee excellence in each jar!

Andrésy’s know-how is also the art of combining flavors: fruit, spice or herb combinations.

We have thus created a rhubarb and raspberry recipe, which has become a springtime must-have.

Petits pots de ketchup Andrésy

How will Maison Andrésy’s rhubarb jam make your breakfast original in the eyes of your customers?


For your customers, the rhubarb jam is an original and spring-like recipe:

– Refreshing, its taste will conquer hearts.
– Original, it will give ideas of cooking to your customers and attracts the eye at once! Your customers won’t find its jam anywhere. To learn more about rhubarb click here.
– In season, rhubarb is perfect with the environmental values so dear to your customers.

For you, hoteliers, grocers and restaurant owners, Maison Andrésy’s rhubarb jam is THE spring recipe:

– Ideal to renew your products for the beautiful season! The fruits of the season will be on your shelves and tables with this top-of-the-range jam.

– If the rhubarb jam is daring, it is also very much expected by your customers! After several breakfasts in the same hotel, your customers could finally be tempted by the rhubarb jam that they had not tasted until now! The originality of this recipe will keep your customers interested in your beautiful breakfasts.

– In addition, thanks to Maison Andrésy’s know-how, you can benefit from expert advice on how to integrate the rhubarb jam recipe into your stalls and breakfast tables.

Your market is specific? Do you want to know if rhubarb jam would be suitable for your clientele?

Contact one of our experts, we’ll answer you!