Interview with Guillaume Frossard, export manager at Maison Andrésy for the past 1 year!

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Febuary 2024

You already knew that your jam maker has been around for over 70 years, didn’t you? Founded in 1952 by René Walther, France’s oldest professional jam maker is renowned throughout France for its artisanal jams made in copper basins.

Thanks to Gérard Cassan, Laure then Julia and now Bruno Cassan, the jam-making tradition has been perpetuated in the Ile de France region for 3 generations!

But did you know that Maison Andrésy supplies its artisanal jams to over 35 countries?

Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Portugal for Europe…

and much further afield: Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Montreal, Dubai, Riyadh, Tokyo…

Our individual pots travel to gourmet breakfasts all over the world!

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guillaume frossard

And who orchestrates all this?

We’re proud to introduce Guillaume Frossard, our export manager for the past year!

What are his talents? What can he do for you? Come and meet a rigorous, gourmet professional!

Maison Andrésy and Guillaume Frossard: sharing gastronomy!
Why don’t we start with a little biography?

Guillaume Frossard was born in Alsace – a beautiful gastronomic region, a renowned fruit-growing area!

He began his career in cars… at Nussbaum and already with export responsibilities!

After more than 6 years in the automotive industry, he joined a food group: BRETZEL BURGARD – where he also stayed for more than 6 years, still in charge of export development.

In January 2023, he joins Maison Andrésy – the French expert in premium made-to-measure jams – just a few days before the Sirha Lyon trade show – during which he will have his 1st contacts with our international clientele.

When we asked him, “How do you go from the automotive industry to French gastronomy?” he replied, “I’d much rather eat than drive!”

On our side, with strong international ambitions, we could not fail to be seduced by the expertise in Europe and Germany of this Alsatian gastronomy enthusiast!

Guillaume Frossard’s ambition for Maison Andrésy: to conquer the world!

Conquer the world…just kidding 😉

But taking artisanal French jam everywhere it can be enjoyed – into every high-end hotel, every gourmet shop, every discerning restaurant… that’s right!

Guillaume Frossard: “Maison Andrésy’s ambition is to be recognized for its qualitative leadership in artisanal jams. I love this challenge!

In fact, Guillaume immediately began visiting Maison Andrésy’s historic international partners.

“Some of them started working with Andrésy over 20 years ago! Several generations have worked together to build a brand on a territory. It’s very interesting to see a long-term relationship based on mutual trust and growth. Taste and quality are at the heart of our exchanges,” explains Guillaume Frossard.

In September 2023, Guillaume presented Maison Andrésy at Anuga, one of Europe’s biggest international trade fairs, which takes place every 2 years in #Cologne, #Germany.

STOP! Would you like to resell Maison Andrésy jams & recipes?

Are you an importer of French gastronomy for FOOD SERVICE? or RETAIL?

We have conditions & brands adapted to each geographical area. We can also work on customized recipes, labels, cheeses, etc.

What competitive advantages does Guillaume Frossard bring to Maison Andrésy’s international business?

For the past 1 year, Guillaume has been learning about our jams – by tasting them, of course – and learning about the legislation, manufacturing methods, taste and service expectations of international markets.

He is convinced of Maison Andrésy’s ability to offer brands tailored to the requirements of customers in 4*, 5* and luxury hotels in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Guillaume remarks: “Our brands respond perfectly to the markets!

Andrésy Ancienne is the perfect brand for those who want classic jams in the French tradition.
Andrésy Fruitée meets expectations for authentic fruit flavors – exceptional sourcing served up by perfectly mastered know-how.
We respond to concerns about health and natural products, as well as taste: less perception of sweetness and more perception of fruit”.

He adds: “There’s a lot of competition in jams…but no manufacturer that masters the hotel market as well as Maison Andrésy! It’s a #CHR specialist, perfectly adapted to the needs of Food Service wholesalers, with a structured export department to handle orders and prepare export documents. Our small individual jars are very popular with hoteliers: they are suitable for quality consumption, 100% recyclable and guarantee perfect hygiene!”

How can he say that? I guess the success of our jam bar on the stand speaks for itself!


“On our stand at ANUGA, we had made available small individual jars for tasting. Jams, honeys, spreads…they were a big hit! Yes, we also have condiments, which are very popular with hoteliers in individual format: Dijon mustard, grainy mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, and the new Chili sauce.”

“I know the German market well, and I’m interested in offering our artisanal jams to hotels and shops. I’m convinced that our premium brands have their place there. Moreover, ANUGA is an excellent show for seeing #horeca professionals from Europe and the rest of the world: UK, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovakia, Hungary, Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, USA, Canada”, explains Guillaume.

“And Maison Andrésy has all the accreditations to supply the fine establishments in these territories, and tailor-make for the fine food brands in these countries.”

Jam Bar

Jam Bar

by Maison Andrésy

Private label for german market

Private label for german market

Excusive recipes with birch sugar

Maison Andrésy’s PRIVATE LABEL expertise: essential for international markets?

Guillaume Frossard is also delighted with Maison Andrésy’s private label expertise: “It’s unique! We’re able to customize everything: fruit sourcing, recipe, jar, capsule, quantity… a very valuable service, as each market has its own needs.”

He enthuses: “Thanks to the expertise Andrésy has developed with French brands over the past 70 years, I can meet any request! In addition to our brand positioning, we’re a force to be reckoned with when it comes to exclusive recipes: with birch sugar, for example, or wine confits and chutneys – perfect with cheese platters or brunches.”

Looks like the gourmands have it covered!

Why use birch sugar?

Intrigued by HEALTHY recipes? Read our article on the creation of birch sugar recipes for the German market.

Find out more about Guillaume Frossard: his gourmet portrait!

For a jam-maker, what could be more legitimate than asking questions about his teams’ relationship with jam?

Here’s Guillaume’s jam portrait:

Guillaume, what was your childhood jam?
“Mirabelle plum jam – very common in my Alsace region!

Yes, Alsace Lorraine is a traditional land of mirabelle plums. A recognized terroir!

Guillaume, how do you enjoy your jam?
“At breakfast, on toast, bread or brioche. I’m a classic.”

Spoon or knife for serving?
“What a funny question! Do people really use a knife to catch the jam in the jar? Not practical, you don’t use enough! Spoon!”

Guillaume, any memories of jam?
“Plenty! We regularly make jam at home: with watermelons, for example, from the garden. Yes, we have watermelons in our garden, a specific variety for jam, smaller and greener than the ones we eat.

We also make jam from green tomatoes, or blackberries that we pick from the brambles – and in a copper cauldron, of course!”

Which famous person do you dream of sharing a slice of bread with?
“Hubert REEVES!”

Are you a #foodservice #horeca or #retail importer in Europe, the Middle East, Asia or the USA who hasn't yet contacted Guillaume Frossard?

Just send him a message 😉 by email ! 

Alternatively, Guillaume and the entire sales team can be reached on +33 (0) 139 751 455 or