Shopkeepers, grocers, discover the Maison Andrésy’s Christmas jam offer for 2022!

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September 2022

In France, as in all countries, the end of year celebrations are the occasion to consume different dishes with original and greedy flavors. Consumers ask their shopkeepers to find quality products, to please themselves, to honor their guests or to make gifts. Jams are no exception!


As usual, Maison Andrésy has prepared its special Christmas jam recipes for the holidays, perfectly adapted to the festive expectations of your customers in local shops and delicatessens.


Discover the jars and recipes to go with all your exclusive holiday offers!

Archives cuisson Andrésy Confitures

Which Christmas jam recipes are expected by your customers? 


Christmas jam is an integral part of holiday meals and seasonal sales in France and abroad. Original breakfasts, brunches, festive snacks… Your customers will have this year again all the requirements!

How can you offer them an offer that covers all their needs?
Why not with individual jars of our seasonal recipes or Christmas jam?
The small formats – also called individual jars – in 28g, 46g or 125g, are ideal for :

  • Corporate gifts
  • Gourmet baskets
  • Discovery boxes
  • Tasting trays
  • Cheese trays
  • Your own advent calendars, specially designed for your customers!
  • And many other arrangements to discover on our Instagram page!
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Widely acclaimed by French and international customers, some recipes for Christmas are perfect to accompany dishes, aperitif dinners, from meat to fish, from sweet to savory.

Thanks to Maison Andrésy, you can find several recipes for Christmas:

  • Onion confit, an unavoidable classic on your customers’ holiday tables
  • Fig confit, a sweet touch for cheeses and a must for traditional foie gras!
  • Cider confit, original and delicate – delicious with foie gras, cheeses, chocolate or apple-based dishes and desserts
  • Cranberry jam, for meat and fish

And why not import jams in grocery store format?
The 270g formats are more adapted to family sharing or hotel breakfast buffets.
Perhaps your hotel or retail customers will be delighted to find them in your catalog?

  • You can import all our French recipes: apricot, strawberry, orange, blueberry, etc.
  • You can also import seasonal recipes, or those most consumed during the holidays: figs, clementines, chestnut cream, Christmas jams, etc.
  • Did you know that our limited edition Christmas jam recipes are not only delicious but also have Christmas colors?
  • And why not : our rose jam, with a powerful but airy note, an oriental touch for the festive dishes or the tea moments of your customers !


Need advice on the most suitable recipes for the holidays or on formats?
Contact our experts!

Tartines de confitures originales d'andrésy confitures

Christmas jam: what custom and creative recipes can Maison Andrésy invent for your brand and your customers?


Do you want a special Christmas recipe to liven up your brand for the holiday season?

Just ask: Maison Andrésy is the French expert in customized Christmas recipes with multiple expertises at your service!

To inspire you, here is a glimpse of the recipes for Christmas or everyday confits already created by your manufacturer:

  • olivesyuzu, which goes well with poultry and red meat
  • cherries and Espelette pepper, ideal with sheep cheese
  • red or green tomatoes, to accompany cold fish, vegetable breads
  • apple-manzana : very original with salmon
  • For the Nordic countries, which love licorice, Maison Andrésy has even created a recipe for black cherry-licorice!

Do you have other ideas? Our R&D department takes on any challenge!

Entrust your Christmas jam needs to one of our experts: a knowledgeable referent to carry out your project or help you create the ideal recipe to satisfy your customers.
Contact an expert

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Order Christmas jam with ease thanks to Maison Andrésy!


Thanks to Maison Andrésy, you can offer your customers delicious Christmas recipes for the festivities: the perfect opportunity to introduce new flavors and products to your customers while surprising them.
You can choose among our jams, our preserves or our honeys different gourmet and refined associations!

We answer you by phone or mail: always listening to you!
To contact our sales team by mail : Click here 
To call us : +33 (0)1 39 75 14 55

We also make an Advent Calendar of jams that you can find here!

Moreover, Maison Andrésy suggests you a simple, practical and fast way to order our jams for Christmas: whether you are on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone, if you like our offers, you can consult the detailed instructions of our online ordering service: click here