Grocers, order the Maison Andrésy 2022 advent calendar!

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August 2022

You were waiting for it with impatience and so are we, it is here!


The advent calendar of artisanal jams made by your expert jam maker is ready to be ordered for the 2022 holidays.


Grocers, wine merchants, wholesalers and retailers, discover our advent calendar and all the surprises it contains! 

Cerises pour Andrésy Confitures

An advent calendar of homemade jams: it is unprecedented ! 


Why offer your customers high quality jams in an advent calendar instead of the traditional chocolates?

You have probably noticed these last years a diversification and a multiplication of the offer on the market of advent calendars. Your customers see advent calendars on social networks, in stores, in e-shops… earlier and earlier, as early as September!

Beyond the traditional advent calendar with chocolates, you can now find advent calendars with teas, alcohols, skincare, makeup… It has become a real appointment of the month of December, for adults as well as children!

However, jam advent calendars are not very common, even less with high quality jams cooked in a copper cauldron, even though these are jams appreciated by your demanding customers!

So what better partner than the Maison Andrésy ?
It is 70 years of know-how and expertise that Maison Andrésy masters since 1952. Maison Andrésy’s artisanal jams are a real gustatory gift for your partner companies or for your consumers throughout the year but also at the time of the holidays. 
Having an advent calendar with artisanal jams is a real distinction for your customers! 

Fraises dans bassine de cuivre - Andrésy Confitures

But what can contain our fabulous advent calendar with artisanal jams? 



It is an advent calendar revealing a small gift per day all December to wait until Christmas. Here it is a special calendar with 24 small pots of 28g for 24 days! Small jars of Andrésy à l’Ancienne jams, but discover in preview other breakfast treats with our brand Andrésy Instants!


Our artisanal jams have been chosen in small 28g jars for this Maison Andrésy advent calendar.


The individual jar format is very practical to create a gourmet advent calendar since it is perfectly suited for breakfast. Opened in the morning by your customers eager to discover what is hidden behind the box of the day, an advent calendar of jams is perfectly suited for breakfast time!


You can offer it this year for your business partners and even for your consumers.


All our jams are cooked in a copper cauldron to guarantee the best taste and texture, for your demanding customers!


Discover 12 original recipes from our two flagship brands:

  • Andrésy à l’Ancienne, whose makeover we presented to you recently in this article
  • Andrésy Instants which we will talk about again soon 😉

Moutarde et condiments - Andrésy Cuisine

How to order this advent calendar of homemade jams? 



Maison Andrésy offers you different ways to order the 2022 advent calendar of artisanal jams:

Careful the stocks of your Maison Andrésy 2022 advent calendar are limited!


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