Labels to support our expertise: guarantees to require when entrusting your brand to an artisanal jam manufacturer

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November 2022

Labels and other certifications are useful independent tools to help your consumers understand your brand, your values and your offer.

A label “product from organic farming” ensures the consumer a rigorous respect of certain criteria on the cultivation of raw materials in particular. It is therefore the ideal label for your customers who are more and more demanding on the respect of the environment, the CSR of companies…

From now on, you can customize your food products to your brand, your specific needs of packaging or delivery… So why not customize your homemade jams?

When you entrust your brand to an artisanal jam manufacturer, always make sure you have certain expertise to guarantee the best taste for your artisanal jams!

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To make your brand with an artisanal jam manufacturer : which are the points of vigilance? 


In order to customize your artisanal jams for your brand, your customers, your specific needs, your brand needs to make sure of certain points of vigilance.

The respect of hygiene and food safety are essential for any marketable food product.

For artisanal jams, your brand needs :

  • Sanitary controls all along the production chain, from the entry of raw materials to the exit of the jars
  • A rigorous control of the cold chain for the conservation of the fruits
  • A guaranteed band to seal the jar of our House to those of your customers or your hotel!

You must also be vigilant of the expertise and know-how of your artisanal jam manufacturer of course!

Your brand will certainly need several recipes of jams (several possible associations of fruits, organic jam, low sugar jam…) and a mastery of the fruits, as well as their cooking!

But then what are the labels to require in these cases for your artisanal jam manufacturer ?

Tartines de confitures originales d'andrésy confitures

Labels to be required to guarantee the seriousness and quality of your artisanal jam manufacturer 


At Maison Andrésy we respect the tradition since 1952. We are recognized for that by the French State and the Ministry of Agriculture thanks to the distinction Living Heritage Company.
We practice a conscious tradition thanks to 70 years of manufacturing artisanal jams: traditional practices that are justified and relevant.

  • A selection of fruits adapted to the cooking in jam: during our 70 years of artisanal jam making, we have learned which varieties and which terroirs of fruits were the best to make jams. According to the thickness of their skin, their gustatory notes, their resistance to the heat of jamming, etc.
  • A selection of quality orchards and arboriculturists: trusted partners who produce good ingredients, it is invaluable to make good jams!
  • The maintenance of the copper basin for all our cooking: an essential tradition of jams, whose relevance has been verified at each cooking since 1952. And we have made thousands of them!
  • The basis of traditional recipes: because the traditions of our grandmothers’ artisanal jam recipes have taught us solid qualitative bases to innovate and always adapt to the needs of the consumers

Also, from the production to the management, we all have a role to play in the safety of our productions of artisanal jams. With the achievement of IFS FOOD certification – in 2016 and its renewal year after year – we have been able to demonstrate that our level of involvement in maintaining food safety is our daily business!

Moreover, Maison Andrésy has joined the family of these 3000 French companies that represent, value and transmit the artisanal culinary heritage through its diversity, tradition and capacity for innovation. And what a pride to be recognized by the greatest French chefs for the gustative qualities of our artisanal jams and our anchoring in the French gastronomy!
To know more about the Culinary College of France 

These different labels are essential to guarantee an artisanal know-how and a taste of excellence for your demanding customers!


What if you created unique custom-made jam recipes to differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Confitures d'agrumes aux oranges amères

Maison Andrésy : a unique artisanal jam manufacturer


You are a professional of the French gastronomy abroad?
Are you a proud representative of French know-how and excellence?

Then think about your artisanal jam manufacturer, Maison Andrésy, which has developed a wide range of original recipes that can be adapted to your creations.

According to your uses, your expectations for your French artisanal jam diverge:

  • You want a jam adapted to your dishes and your menu – for example to perfectly enhance your interpretation of cheese cake?
  • Do you want a low-sugar jam for your “healthy” customers?
  • You prefer a 100% original jam, which combines fruits or adds herbs, dried fruits… In short, creative and surprising?
  • Do you need an organic or kosher certified range?

We use 70 years of Maison Andrésy know-how to create custom-made jams that will make the difference with your competitors!

To call upon Maison Andrésy, manufacturer of artisanal jams for 3 generations, is :

  • Taking advantage of a unique know-how and creativity: more than 70 custom recipes after, your jam maker has become an expert in the customization of artisanal jams
  • Benefit from expert advice on all the stages of French jam making:
    Rigorous selection of fruits adapted to your recipe
    Selection of a recipe adapted to your target market: low sugar jam, kosher jam…
    Selection of the format of the jam jars adapted to your needs: 1 kilo jar, 270 grams jar
    And much more! Your satisfaction is our priority ! 
  • To guarantee an exceptional taste to your culinary creations thanks to the recognition of the quality of all our jams. Learn more about our labels and certifications.

Thanks to the custom-made creation, benefit from the perfect jam to enhance your original creation!

So do not hesitate to call our experts to ask them all your questions! 
Contact them !