How does the traditional cherry jam recipe fits in with all your offers?

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June 2022

During the summer, the cherry jam is one of the most appreciated and sold artisanal jams!
It is also one of the best known and most traditional.

So how can you make this cherry jam special in your offer?
How can you make your restaurant special with Maison Andrésy cherry jam?
How can this traditional and homemade jam be adapted to all your offers (even the most original) ?

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Why is cherry jam so widely appreciated by your French and International customers ?



The cherry jam is in the top 3 of the favorite jams of the French!
Internationally too, your customers are asking for it!

For your beautiful hotels and restaurants, cherry jam is an indispensable breakfast item.

Your French customers like :
– Its fruity and sweet taste: cherry jam is a little gourmet pleasure
– Its ease of spreading on breads, waffles, pancakes, buns…
– The greediness of its red color, symbol of passion and love

Your international customers appreciate :
– Its French know-how: Maison Andrésy is recognized for its artisanal production with the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label!
– Its origin: all the fruits are cooked in France.
– Its ideal format for individual breakfast (28g) or for home (270g).

You see: there are many good reasons for the traditional cherry jam to be widely acclaimed in France and internationally by your customers!

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How is the traditional cherry jam made at Maison Andrésy?


What are the steps involved in making our cherry jam?

  1. The selection of fruits: All our fruits are selected by a rigorous specification to guarantee an excellent taste for all your jams! Each harvest is tasted and tested in cooking by our teams, each year.
  2. The cooking of the fruits: They are cooked in our traditional copper basins in the same village where Maison Andrésy has established itself since 1988.
  3. Sugar incorporation: Did you know? Brown cane sugar is an essential element to obtain the regulatory designation of jam in France. In fact, any product made of 50% sugar (present in the fruit and added) and 50% fruit, after cooking, is called jam. It takes all the know-how of our experts to master the incorporation of sugar in the cooking of artisanal jams.

The recipe of cherry jam, itself, varies according to the harvests, the varieties of the same fruit and the productions.
You will not have the same taste, the same texture according to:
– Your needs : as a brand grocery or hotel, restaurant, you can customize your jams. To learn more, make an appointment with one of our experts to discover all your options!
– The varieties of cherries selected: the jam from the black cherry is different from the Morello cherry jam 

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How can the traditional cherry jam be adapted to your menus and offers?

Discover how you can associate Maison Andrésy cherry jam to your menu or to your grocery offer:

Cherry jam: an ideal jam for cheese platters!


Jams have been used to enhance cheese for decades. This practice, known by the general public, is mainly focused on fig jam, which goes very well with goat or sheep cheese.


However, the cherry jam is just as sublimating in taste but for pressed cheeses this time!
This family of cheeses is composed of Comté, Abondance, Reblochon, Ossau Iraty, St-Nectaire and several Basque cheeses.
They have the particularity of being very soft and fatty in the mouth, so they are particularly pleasant when accompanied by cherry jam, a marriage from the Basque tradition!
To learn more about the associations of jams with other cheeses, you can read this article.


Hence, the cherry jam goes perfectly with cheeses for your tasting platters, company buffet, breakfast buffet…



Breakfast and jam: a French tradition



Even if nowadays some people skip breakfast, either because they are in a hurry or because they are not aware of its usefulness, it remains an essential meal in French gastronomy for 4 out of 5 people.


It is after the Second World War that it is fixed as we still know it today: bread with butter and jam and a hot drink. The French breakfast!


It’s a complete and especially gourmet meal that appeals to all ages.


Called “continental” by hotels and restaurants around the world, it is present on all the menus of good establishments!



For dessert, think of cherry jam!



If the jam is often eaten in the morning for breakfast, it can also be eaten with a dairy or a dessert!

  • The cherry jam goes very well with the English cheese cake known for its red fruit coulis on top!
  • For waffles and pancakes, Maison Andrésy jams are ideal. Their textures spread very well and their gourmet tastes will make the hearts of young and old fall in love.
  • You like them also :
    • Dairy products and desserts: white cheese, panna cotta, rice pudding…
    • Donuts with cherry filling: an original and very tasty dessert!
    • Fruit tarts or mousses on a bed of jam
    • Clafoutis and Basque cherry cakes
    • And much more depending on your pastry chef!



We’ve made you envious with our ideas for using cherry jam to please your customers?
Whether you are a hotel, a pastry chef, a delicatessen or a wine shop, order your traditional cherry jam on Kimayo now by discovering the instructions here!

Contact an expert !