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October 2022

The plum season is over, harvest done: it’s time to taste the plum jam!

Beautiful orange with a sweet taste of mirabelle plums from Lorraine, dark red of quetsches and Dante plums, bright green of reines-claudes… The variety of French plums is rich!

Each year, nearly 175,000 tons of plums are produced in France (all species combined).  Not all of them are consumed fresh, in pies, in fruit juice or distilled. Some end up in our basins to offer you delicious plum jams!

Do you know all the secrets of plums or plum jam from your expert jam maker?

Once again, Maison Andrésy shares its know-how and expertise in its blog!

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Plums: delicious and varied French fruits


Plums can be harvested after the heat of July, even if the latest varieties can be harvested until September!

The main varieties are the prune plums, followed by the reines-claudes, the mirabelles and the quetsches.

We do not know the exact origin of the plum tree that is grown today in France (the domestic plum tree). It would seem, however, that it is the result of a cross between several European and Asian species dating back several thousand years.

In France, it was not until the Middle Ages, then the Renaissance, that the plum became a real success. It was then eaten as a table fruit, in pies, in flan and especially in jam!
Plum jam has been appreciated for a very long time: attractive colors, varied tastes; even today, these jam recipes are very appreciated by your customers.

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How do we make an excellent plum jam for your demanding customers ?


It is an art of measurement, of recipe elaboration, of ingredient selection… to make THE plum jam for your demanding customers!

Since 1952, Maison Andrésy has been developing seasonal jam recipes with the aim of satisfying your customers’ fine palates in starred hotels, as well as the palates of gourmands who come to your delicatessens and local shops.

One of the secrets of a successful seasonal jam is in the selection of the variety: not all fruits are suitable for cooking in jams!
Maison Andrésy makes various plum jams:

  • Mirabelle plum jam, the plum with sweet notes, ideal for the palates of children who love sweet flavors or those who shun sour notes
  • The plum jam, on request, the plum that combines perfectly with hazelnut for your tasting trays, room service and breakfasts!
  • The Queen Clauds jam, on request, the ideal plum for maple syrup at brunch or breakfast

To learn more about how to choose plums, read this article!

It takes all the know-how and expertise of 70 years of jam making for Maison Andrésy to deliver exceptional jams, neither too acidic nor too sweet in taste.
The incorporation of sugar, cooking – and sometimes spices depending on the recipe – are elements well defined by our specifications.
With the multiple researches since 1952 of our R&D department, our recipes of plum jam are ready to be tasted on your customers’ tables!

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Mirabelle plum jam: the gold of Lorraine 


Maison Andrésy Mirabelle plum jam is ideal for your customers to enjoy at breakfast or snack time, as an accompaniment to brioche toast, rusks or pancakes.

Often called the gold of Lorraine, mirabelles are plums selected for their delicate flavor, naturally sweet, very fragrant, with notes of honey, and their melting texture.

Why not offer it at breakfast, at the buffet or in the room service to flavour the yoghurts or fromage frais of your guests and clients? Or to accompany a rice pudding, a panacotta, a crème brûlée?

Did you know that plum jams are delicious with goat cheese or blue-veined cheese? They soften the strong flavors of these cheeses. Try them on your cheese platters or your plates!

Maison Andrésy offers you its plum jams in several formats available to order!

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