Everything for the gourmet grocery thanks to your producer of artisanal jam: Maison Andrésy!

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August 2022

The market for jams, jellies and preserves is expected to grow at a rate of 3.75% between 2020 and 2027, according to Data Bridge.


Delicatessens, retailers, supermarkets, wine shops and even florists, discover in this article how to launch these sweet delicacies in your shop and why you should trust the jam producer Maison Andrésy.

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Why launch artisanal jams in your store?

Jam in France is part of our breakfast tradition!
Thanks to tourism, to our prestigious chefs and to quality hotels, the French breakfast and its artisanal jams are famous all over the world!

Do you know why referencing a jam from France in grocery stores, or even in quality distribution, will help you satisfy your customers’ expectations?

Jam is a product known in temperate regions where winter produces little or no fruit. In these countries, in order to preserve the fruits all year long, they developed the habit of jamming them with sugar. This tradition did not exist in Asia, Africa or South America where the climates allow fresh fruit to be harvested all year round.
On the European continent and in the United Kingdom, jam is widely consumed, with very important variations in taste and quality.

The French artisanal jam is a major asset of customer satisfaction.
Indeed, its traditional recipe balanced in fruits and sugars adapts very well to the needs of the breakfast as well as the snack or in accompaniment of delicacies. The more modern recipes of artisanal jams give priority to fruits. The French culinary expertise allows recipes up to 65% of fruit!

Very much in demand by your customers, the artisanal jam is therefore an essential for your sweet offer.
But which artisanal jam producer to choose ?

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Why choosing an expert jam producer is essential for your customers?



You offer only the best for your demanding customers and your offer of artisanal jams should not be an exception.
Stay consistent by offering French jams selected by the finest hotels since the 1980s!


For your demanding customers, you need a jam producer:

  • Attentive and attentive: our experts are specialists in your different markets, they are the most able to advise you on the recipes to choose, the formats, the assortments…
  • Responsive and honors its commitments: your satisfaction has always been our priority! Discover our commitments to your satisfaction.

Moutarde et condiments - Andrésy Cuisine

How does the 70 years of expertise of a jam producer guarantee you exceptional jams? 



At Maison Andrésy, we have been serving your beautiful grocery stores in France since the 1950s.
We know how demanding you are in your services.


So by choosing Maison Andrésy as your artisanal jam producer, you will benefit from :

  • A demanding fruit sourcing to obtain the best extra jams
  • A traditional manufacturing of jams in the traditional copper basin which allows by its shape, its material and its soft cooking with the vapor, to guarantee a homogeneity in the cooking of your jam!
  • The know-how of Maison Andrésy is officially recognized as :
  • A recognition by the choice of our jams in many large grocery stores

You don’t know how to choose among all our available ranges?
Contact one of our experts: he will give you precious advice according to your grocery store.

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