How to import the traditional ” cheese and jam ” French to the international?

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June 2022

The traditional French “cheese and jam” is highly regarded by your French customers. A French person consumed on average 8kg of cheese in 2018!

Source: Statista Research Department.

France produces more than 1200 varieties of cheese with very different textures and tastes. Cheeses are part of France’s image and are often associated with our country by tourists and business visitors from around the world.
Jams have just as many varieties and recipes, specific to the regions of France. It was inevitable that they would be associated with the cheeses of their terroirs.

However, for your international customers, it is not necessarily an evidence to mix the two!

With Maison Andrésy, discover why implement cheese and jam perfectly in your market!

Cerises pour Andrésy Confitures

Cheese and jam: a tradition of French gastronomy popular internationally



The traditions of the French terroirs reflect the best practices of successful cheese and jam associations.

Some associations are so ingrained in the collective memory that they have become a reflex in the minds of consumers, as in the displays of cheese shops or restaurant trays.

Let us quote:

  • Fig jam with goat cheese
  • Black cherry jam with Basque cheeses
  • Blueberry jam with mountain cheeses such as Comté, Abondance, etc.
  • Quince jam with cheeses from Normandy such as Camembert, Pont l’Évêque, etc

Why do we automatically think of these associations of cheese and jam?

It comes from a tradition of the land: to associate products from the same region is indeed natural!

Obviously these cheese and jam associations also have a gustatory legitimacy, otherwise they would not have lasted!

In all countries, there are associations between cheese and sweet products: jams, fruits, fruit jellies, etc.
The difficulty is to find the right combination: the one that enhances the flavors of the cheeses without depreciating them!

Fraises dans bassine de cuivre - Andrésy Confitures

Cheese and jam: a sweet and salty association that suits all countries and demanding customers…


The sweet and salty association is a culinary practice very appreciated in many countries by demanding customers!

You can find all the jams for cheese:

  • In delicatessens
  • In cheese shops, creameries
  • As well as in hotel breakfast buffets

It was only natural that cheese and jams should be enjoyed together.

However, the combination of cheese and jam should not be detrimental to the taste.
Often, traditional jam recipes are too sweet to enhance cheeses and, on the contrary, crush them!

This is why at Maison Andrésy, your French jam expert, we use our know-how to adapt or create specific recipes to enhance cheeses and all their characteristics: the Pour Fromages recipes.

The recipes of fruit preparations for cheeses are thought and balanced for respectful associations of all the flavors of cheeses:

  • Some jams benefit from recipes with just the right amount of sugar to enhance the authentic taste of cooked fruit
  • Others benefit from recipes with up to 65% fruit for a better harmony with the cheese
  • And finally, some recipes contain special flavors, confits of great wines, caramelized onions…

Petits pots de ketchup Andrésy

What recipes for Maison Andrésy cheese preparations should you import according to the cheeses of your target market?

Vacations and other festivities are ideal times to get together and create rich and varied cheese platters.

What better way to rediscover and eat cheese in a different way than with recipes for Maison Andrésy cheeses?

Here are some associations:

  • With strong cheeses with clear-cut taste characteristics, prefer recipes with sweet or sour fruits: fig, mirabelle plum, quince, chestnut, cherry, grape, apricot
    For milder cheeses, either hard and firm or soft and creamy, you can suggest berries:
    • blueberry
    • plums
  • And recipes enriched with herbs, thyme, or dried fruits, nuts.
  • Wine preserves are not to be neglected in your offer! They bring a sweet and original note, and an aesthetic and chic touch to your cheese platters. Andrésy à l’Ancienne also offers this type of recipe in individual jars or by 3 in a pretty box.
  • And why not honey? The honey in individual jars from the range Andrésy à l’Ancienne are  perfect for a sweet and salty touch !

Thanks to Les Confitures Pour Fromages you can offer additional products in your stores: grocery stores, creameries and fruit shops! 


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