How The French Farm imports Maison Andrésy’s French and artisanal jams to the United States for the summer ?

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July 2022

Are you looking for products made in France to supply your grocers for the high season? Do you need both sweet and salty products?


Discover in this article The French Farm, a wholesaler specialized in French and artisanal products, based in the United States. The French Farm has trusted Maison Andrésy for 20 years to import its French jam, and for good reason!


Discover how to import French jam in the United States, with Hélène LABAT, General Manager, in this exclusive testimony.

Cerises pour Andrésy Confitures

Hélène LABAT, could you introduce us to “The French Farm”?  


HL: “The French Farm is a company born from Gisele Oriot’s trips, the founder, back and forth between Houston, Texas, and France, with all the delicatessen products she could not find in the United States in her luggage!

Jams, mustards, kitchen utensils…


Today, we have more than 3000 grocery customers, whether in regional supermarkets, e-shops or small delicatessens. We also have some florist customers.


Our products come from Spain, Italy, Portugal and of course France, which remains THE country of gastronomy.”

Fraises dans bassine de cuivre - Andrésy Confitures

Hélène LABAT, you who, with The French Farm, are a long-time partner of Maison Andrésy, what attracted you to our French jams?


HL: “Indeed, The French Farm has been working with Maison Andrésy for over 20 years!

Our customers appreciate the Confitures À l’Ancienne so much that they sell themselves now! They order these jams regularly.

All our customers tell us that the taste of the French artisanal jams remains inimitable.

The packaging also works very well, with its kraft paper cover. It is original and it is very popular on the shelves! The tradition of artisanal jam making shines through with this special jar.”

Moutarde et condiments - Andrésy Cuisine

Hélène LABAT, can you tell us what potential the US market offers for French jam retailers? 

Which format is the most adapted to the American market for the summer?


HL: “The market for small jars of French jams was not very developed in the United States until now.


It was mostly the 270g grocery store size jars that were in high demand (and they still are!).


That being said, hotels, grocery stores and regional supermarkets are starting to show interest in individual jars for food safety and sanitation reasons.”



At The French Farm, how would you describe the tastes of American customers?



HL: “Generally speaking, the most requested jam jars are :


– Fig jam, our BEST SELLER
– Rose jam, ideal for our florists’ compositions ! 
– The apple, pear and walnut jam for the autumn
– The peach and vanilla jam also “


You can discover all our catalogs by visiting our Collections page.


Is going through customs a constraint to import our French jams?



HL: “It could be, but we have never had a problem with Maison Andrésy!


For food imports, we are mostly constrained by the origin of the products.
Importing products from Iran into the United States, for example, is totally excluded.


Then, we have constraints on product conformity. The authorities will check the labels, the certifications and the composition of the products.
Some products are also not allowed to be part of a recipe, like gold flakes for example.


But the controls of the authorities are random, we cannot anticipate them.
We can only have more French jams to avoid stock out while waiting for the authorities to give us back the container! 


But then again, we have never had a problem with Maison Andrésy.”


Thanks to Hélène LABAT and The French Farm for this exclusive interview about importing artisanal French jams to the United States.


If you would like to receive expert advice depending on your geographical area of importation, you can contact our experts by clicking here.