Brunch: a short-lived trend or a new need? Find out how your establishment can meet this need thanks to Maison Andresy!

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April 2022


« Brunch » is the contraction of breakfast and lunch.
This new trendy meal is traditionally taken on Sundays between 11am and 3pm. It allows your customers to sleep a few hours longer and still have a gourmet meal right out of bed!


On TripAdvisor, 1800 Parisian establishments declare to do brunch. So the craze is real. But will the trend last? How could it translate into opportunities for your hotels?


Maison Andresy tries to answer your questions and above all offers you top-of-the-line support for your brunch initiatives this season!

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Brunch: a short-lived trend or a new need for your customers? 



Brunch has been THE new trendy meal for a few years now – and it’s making a strong comeback since the reopening of restaurants and hotels – and even gourmet restaurants are getting hold of it.

The brunch concept is so popular that some restaurants are opening with brunch only and with a wider range of hours!

But until when? Is this a stable need of your customers? How can you meet it with quality French products? 

It seems that brunch has many qualities that appeal to your customers. Qualities that keep the trend going. 

100,000 Google searches are made with the word “brunch” every month in France. It is therefore a strong demand from your customers!

By mimicry and also by taste, your customers are tempted to have a brunch, just to “taste”.
One thing leads to another and they end up “brunching” every weekend!

So it is more than a passing trend! It has been well established for a few years now and is becoming increasingly popular.

Thus what are the attractive qualities of brunch for your restaurant?

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What opportunities does brunch present for your restaurant? 


If the majority of breakfasts are sweet, customers like to mix savory and sweet at brunch.
This is the main advantage of brunch: mixing breakfast (traditionally sweet) and lunch (traditionally salty)!

Many sweet and savory enthusiasts have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. So naturally it has become a new habit for them.

For your restaurant, it’s an opportunity to reveal the creativity of your kitchen and to have original, inventive sweet and savory dishes that are as beautiful as they are good!
You can propose to your menu toast that you can decline in international, French, savory or sweet.
Here are some examples:
– The toast with Spanish olive oil,
– The French toast with strawberry jam, bitter orange jam, fig jam, cherry jam, raspberry jam, … the French regions offer so many possibilities!
– The toast with tomato sauce and cold cuts,
– The toast with cheese and traditional preserves: fig, cherry, onion preserves, cider preserves, etc…

Complete and gourmet, the brunch is a convivial moment. Young and old can easily find each other thanks to a large choice of products where everyone finds his happiness! We find in particular: eggs and pancakes, hot drinks, pastries, fruit salads, homemade jams…

Thus, the brunch has everything to conquer hearts:
– A varied offer of dishes that leaves room for creativity in your kitchen
– A mix of sweet and savory dishes that shows the extent of your restaurant’s gastronomic skills
– A pleasure shared by all your customers: French, international, young and old!

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Brunch is a mix of sweet and savory dishes: what products do you have at Maison Andresy?

Organic artisanal jams in small format for your brunches


Enjoy our homemade jams with a unique recipe of organically grown fruits!

For your customers who are concerned about the environment and their health, Maison Andresy has developed a range of certified organic jams with unique tastes!
We know that your customers are more and more demanding in this area of health and growing practices. Our service is to help you meet them!

Find the following recipes in this organic range:
– Apricot and orange
– Fig and black currant
– Strawberry and raspberry

These organic artisanal jams are available in individual format of 28g. This format is ideal for individualized brunches in room, room service, table or buffet. It avoids waste, offers a varied assortment, and guarantees hygiene: essential today!

Where to find our Maison Andresy organic range?

Download our organic catalog !



The essential savory side dishes for brunch



For your customers’ brunch, you absolutely need savory side dishes!
Your customers particularly appreciate salty condiments with their scrambled eggs for example, cold cuts and cheeses.

Maison Andresy offers you :
– Ketchup with a unique American recipe
– Mayonnaise with a traditional recipe
– Dijon mustard
– Fruit preparations for cheese
– Traditional or original confits

All in individual formats of 28g or 46g, which guarantee food safety thanks to the hygiene strip that keeps your product intact.

Need more original recipe ideas for your brunch?

Have you thought about salted waffles?



Other original ideas for a high quality brunch with Maison Andresy



At Maison Andresy we make more than just jams! Your jam maker, since 1952, has developed many other recipes that could be the original key to your brunches!

You can find in particular :
– Stewed fruit: peach-raspberry, pear of Provence, apple reinette, pear with orange or apple-plum!
– Honeys: all flowers honey, acacia honey
– Maple syrup in a single 28g format!
– Chocolate powder, ideal for those who do not drink caffeine
– Spreading paste
– Milk jam
– Raspberry currant jelly
– And many more surprises to come this year!

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