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Andresy Confitures has been producing the best jam for decades. Our jams are made with whole fruits that are picked before it is fully ripe and over 50% of the ingredients we use are of French origin.


Fruit jam 

If you’re fond of French food and gourmet cooking, then consider fruit jams that are made in France. Our Tendance Made in France Jam Collection gives you the opportunity to offer your customers the excellence of French fine food with recipes prepared using the same principles of French culinary art as the great chefs.

When you browse through our fruit jam catalogue, you will find a product for each type of product that you need. Whether you need something light and organic, compotes that are baked with fruit chunks, honeys, traditional jams or chutneys, we have the best jams as part of our product bouquet.



Best Jam Andrésy Confitures


Marmalade refers to citrus fruit preserves that are made only from 20% of citrus fruits. Some sources say that the word ‘marmalade’ is of Scandinavian origin and it means ‘to chew with difficulty’, although everybody knows that marmalade is anything but difficult to chew, while other sources say it is from the Portuguese word ‘marmelos’, which is a quince paste that is similar to marmalade in texture.

Some of the popular marmalade fruits include grapefruits, kumquats, limes, mandarins, lemons, or a combination of these and other citrus fruits. In some parts of the world, the terms “jams”, “preserves” and “marmalades” are used interchangeably, but an important distinction is that official and legal marmalade is made from citrus preserves.

Some of the most popular types of marmalade include thick cut (the orange peel in the jelly is cut into thick chunks, which creates a tangy flavour), thin cut (where the orange peel is finer and offers a softer flavour), vintage marmalade (which has been left to mature) and black marmalade (where the colour of the marmalade is darkened with molasses or brown sugar).

We do not only create our own recipes but also unique recipes that matches your market, geography and business. Whether you are looking for great jams to offer your customers or want to develop your own jams, contact us today.