How the Origins range and its artisanal jams are ideal for your breakfasts in hotels or guest rooms ?

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May 2022


Since the 80’s, Maison Andresy has been serving fine French establishments and quality hotels internationally with our individual jars of artisanal jams. Then we created honey in individual jars, then condiments in “French style” recipes.

In 2010, Maison Andresy has become a master in the art of jams cooked in copper basins, and has let its expertise speak for itself by creating a whole range of products especially for the needs of hotels: Andrésy Origines!

What were our criteria on which to base this brand? What sourcing of exceptional fruits? Which differences were chosen to perfectly adapt the range to the needs of hotels?

Cerises pour Andrésy Confitures

What is our fruit sourcing for the Origines range and its exceptional artisanal jams?



Did you know that your expert jam maker has been developing new recipes every year since 1952? We are one of the oldest professional jam makers in France.

If the cooking of our jams is still done in a copper basin, the tastes have evolved and so have our fruit brows!


We are very vigilant on the fruits throughout the artisanal manufacture of our jams and all our teams are trained by our management and our quality department.

Our goal is to guarantee you an excellent jam for your breakfast offers.

To give you an idea we select our fruits :
– At an optimal maturity for each fruit: to guarantee you an exceptional taste
– Carefully cultivated: at Maison Andresy, we want fruits that have had time to grow properly, to develop all their characteristic flavors
– Conform to the chosen variety: it seems obvious to say, but we demand that our strawberries have a genuine strawberry taste, each variety with its own particular taste notes
– Adapted to the jam making in copper basin : the artisanal jam making in copper basin requires a right jam making, neither shortened nor too long, and we choose our fruits for their qualities to the cooking
Our fruits for artisanal jams are thus rigorously selected before being cooked.


It is this rigorous sourcing that allows you to guarantee excellence for your demanding customers in 4* and 5* hotels!

Fraises dans bassine de cuivre - Andrésy Confitures

Why offer artisanal jams from the Origins range in small formats at your table?


The Origins range has been specifically designed for hotels and fine establishments.

We know what you need:
– An excellent quality: that is why our jams are recognized in the hotel and restaurant business!
Did you know that our recipes have obtained the distinction of the Culinary College of France? Chosen by the French chefs and restaurant owners defenders of the taste!
– Food safety and impeccable hygiene: each person at Maison Andresy is trained in quality control, supervised by the quality department, and on your tables, our artisanal jams and our savory accompaniments all have a guaranteed band that proves that the jar is intact. A varied range to satisfy all tastes, for young and old, for your French and international customers: extra jams, home-made spreads, honeys, maple syrup, mayonnaise, mustards, ketchup, etc.
– The possibility of having original jams personalized: with the fruits of the region of your hotel (Provence, Alsace, Ile de France, and others) or to your market (kosher, light…)
Download our Origins catalog, you will be surprised!

Petits pots de ketchup Andrésy

Why offer savory accompaniments with artisanal jams for your exceptional breakfast? 

Your exceptional breakfast is often copious and greedy. And rightly so if you want to leave a very good last impression before leaving your beautiful establishment!

Do you offer savory side dishes for your amateur or international clients?

You will certainly have noticed: the sweet and savory mix at breakfast has become more and more important in the habits of your customers (French and international).

In the Origins range, you can find all our salty best sellers:
– Mayonnaise
– Ketchup
– Dijon mustard or grainy mustard!

Do you offer brunch on the weekend or during the vacations?
Brunch is an important new trend that perfectly mixes savory and sweet. That is why it’s important to have individual savory side dishes in small sizes to suit your taste!
If you want to learn more about this brunch trend, you can check out our blog post about it by clicking here


Would you like to order online the recipes from our Origins range ?
They are available on our store for professionals.
Create an account – or ask us to do it for you! – and in a few clicks, our jams are on your tables!