Interview with Alice Fournier, R&D Manager: launch of Andrésy Instants large jars!

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May 2023

Did you know that Maison Andrésy launched its Andrésy Instants pots for Easter?

Alice Fournier, our R&D manager, was behind the launch of the flower honey and the 100% natural spread!

Today, she answers our questions!

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Did you know that Maison Andrésy invests daily in R&D, with a complete department dedicated to ingredient sourcing and flavor combinations?

Every day, Alice is at your service, creating delicious recipes in our test kitchen-lab, in the heart of our workshop on the banks of the Oise, in Maurecourt (78).

Her daily routine and that of her team?

Validating each arrival of fruit and ingredients in our workshop, testing fruit from new orchards, working on the customized recipe projects you entrust to us, and also: creating original recipes for our hotel and retail brands.

How about an example?
Here’s how Maison Andrésy’s 100% natural, palm-oil-free chocolate spread came about!

Exclusive interview with Alice, R&D Manager at Maison Andrésy: the launch of the large Andrésy Instants jars!


Alice, how did you come up with the idea of a palm-oil-free, large-format spread for the Andrésy Instants brand?


Alice: “We had already worked for the hotel sector on a spread recipe in small individual jars. The children of our customers’ families were clamoring for it!

It’s a recipe that’s very popular with quality hotels: they can satisfy all the gourmets who love jam and chocolate!

In fact, this recipe has gone way beyond the breakfast menu, and has even found its way onto tables at snack time, at crêpe or waffle parties, or at lunches!

At Maison Andrésy, we thought our retail customers could benefit from this craze. And we set about adapting a recipe for consumers!”



Alice, did you encounter any difficulties in developing a recipe for a spread in large jars?


Alice: “Yes!

Everything was reviewed to make sure we were delivering a recipe of Andrésy Instants excellence as usual!

We reviewed all the taste effects of the ingredients, the texture and the stability of the recipe over time.

And last but not least, we worked with the production team to ensure that each step respected the quality of the sourced Maison Andrésy ingredients!”

These condiments and delicacies are available in the Andrésy Instants range!

Honey, chocolate hazelnut spread, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup…

Alice Fournier

R&D Manager

  • What’s your childhood jam?

Alice: “My aunt’s quince jelly”.


  • How do you enjoy your jam?

Alice: “Breakfast on toast without butter!”


  • Spoon or knife to serve yourself?

Alice: “Spoon”.


  • What do you remember about jam?

Alice: “My first attempt at jam ended in syrup!”


  • With whom do you dream of sharing a tartine?

Alice: “My grandmother”.

How did you choose the packaging for your Andrésy Instants recipe?


Alice: “It turns out that the design was greatly appreciated by the entire production team! A general feeling!

We decided to keep the same copper capsule as the individual hotel jar. This reminder of our copper pots is essential to us!

Obviously, for a large jar, we needed 2 labels: one on the front, with the visual of the Andrésy Instants brand spoon.

On the other hand, the tamper-evident tab was no longer necessary on the large jar.”



Alice, what do you think makes your recipe so excellent and unique?


Alice: “Simple: traditional cooking basics combined with a touch of innovation!

Our recipe is slow-cooked whole milk and chocolate in our copper vats.

All other known spreads are emulsions of fat, palm oil or other. In our case, it’s the natural fat of whole milk that acts as a binding agent during cooking.

What’s more, we’ve sourced 100% French milk.

At Andrésy, we never compromise on excellence in sourcing and traditional cooking!”

Our artisanal jams

Did you know that you can order Maison Andrésy jams and condiments in individual glass jars of 28g?

Are you tempted by Maison Andrésy’s spread recipe?


You can order it for your shops – and hotel buffets: