70 years of customer support in jam making: the guarantee of superior customer service!

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December 2022

Maison Andrésy celebrates its 70 years of existence this year. We are proud to let you know that again and again!

In 70 years, we have assisted hundreds of customers in the making of their custom jams.

We also learned a lot through our signature brands – And Pieral, Walther, Brune’s Laure, Trésors de Fruits, Les Confitures à l’Ancienne, Andrésy Origines, Les Petits Parisiennes Confiturières, etc – through your opinions and those of your customers.
Did you know them, these brands that have sometimes disappeared today?

We have worked with the greatest chefs and restaurateurs in the world, the finest hotels and delicatessens!
Helping you make your customers’ experience more unforgettable with artisanal jams of impeccable taste and quality has been our ambition since 1952.

What have these 70 years of making our own branded or custom jams taught us to do right by you?
Why do we pride ourselves on our unique, made-to-measure customer service?

In short, how does Maison Andrésy help you satisfy your demanding and gourmet customers?

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How do 70 years of customer service allow you to benefit from a unique support for your projects? 


Since 1952, our artisanal jam factory has been selling jams to customers of all markets and sizes. Their requirements have been numerous, their needs very varied – and what about the expectations of their customers, and the evolution of culinary fashions?
In short: 70 years of serving a wide range of clients has taught us a lot about quality and customized customer service!

At Maison Andrésy, you have a dedicated customer support team at your disposal:

  • Advise on: your specific market with its particular needs as well as the jamming techniques and market requirements by sector! 
  • To guide you step by step in the creation of your own custom-made jam brand: your commercial contact will be able to answer your questions on the volume of jams necessary to satisfy your customers, the right assortments and recipes, the optimal packaging and the rhythm of your orders… 
  • Advise you on our brands Maison Andrésy and your orders: what volume of jam do you need to satisfy your customers? What is the right choice of range, such as the special hotel range? What is the ideal format for your grocery store or convenience store? Or how to help you to choose yourself, thanks to dedicated and easily accessible pages on our site! 
  • Support you in after-sales service by answering all your questions about: your production, your order, your delivery, where to find our products, etc. 
  • To advise you on the legislation in progress: in France, with export even to accompany you in the event of audit of your establishment!

Selling French jams is an art and Maison Andrésy has learned in 70 years how to accompany you! 

Tartines de confitures originales d'andrésy confitures
Tartines de confitures originales d'andrésy confitures
Tartines de confitures originales d'andrésy confitures

Which essential profession to accompany you towards the satisfaction of your customers was born from 70 years of jam making? A sales expert!


Selling artisanal jams since 1952 in France and abroad means mastering each commercial market at the tip of your fingers!

  • Learning the needs of retail businesses in all regions
  • Serving the independent or affiliated hotel industry, with sometimes extreme needs from the bed and breakfast to the Palace
  • Meet the needs of distributors and resellers
  • Supporting sales projects for our brands or the creation of event-based recipes or a whole range of custom-made products
  • Adapting to international constraints in more than 42 countries with diverse legislation and opposing taste habits

Over the years and through our experience, we have come to understand how crucial commercial support is to the success of your sales and custom projects.
We therefore train our employees to become sales experts: perfectly attuned to your needs because of their total mastery of technical, regulatory and taste requirements for quality jams!

To make a success of each of your projects, by answering your needs and specificities, your artisanal jam manufacturer puts at your disposal specialized commercial experts:

  • By sales sector: hotels, retail stores, convenience stores… Depending on your sector, your sales expert will be able to advise you on your packaging needs, original assortments, labels in English… 
  • By market because each region of the world has its own commercial subtleties at the legal or culinary level: bitter orange jam is all the rage in the United Kingdom for example.


In addition, these sales experts will accompany you from “field to plate”: they will inform you about :

  • Our expertise and know-how
  • The origin of the fruits
  • The composition of the recipes
  • Our commitments
  • Our labels and their meanings for the artisanal jams.

Having a dedicated sales contact who is an expert in your field, as at Maison Andrésy, an artisanal jam maker since 1952, is fundamental!

Moutarde et condiments - Andrésy Cuisine
Moutarde et condiments - Andrésy Cuisine

100% custom-made jams: a unique know-how born from 70 years of customer project support


With Maison Andrésy, benefit from a customization of your artisanal jams from A to Z, to such a degree that it is unique in the world!

Each of our custom-made customers can choose their own taste identity, their own recipe made with fruit selected especially for them, the right cooking time, the right texture and even their own jar and labels!

Some ideas of the needs, vague or very precise, that our customers have asked us over the past 70 years?
“I want to create a recipe for Christmas with a forest walk theme
“I need a line of jams and condiments that are Kosher certified
“Is it possible to create an original and gourmet gift for my loyal customers?
“My most important customer is Japanese. Any ideas on how to create a box of 3 recipes to honor our partnership?”
“My farm produced too many dates this year. Can you make a jam out of them?”
“We’re redesigning our entire product line and modernizing our offering. We need recipes made from our teas. In jars with our logo.”
“Can you advise me on recipes and legal smentions of labels so that my jams pass customs and are saleable but remain gourmet?”
“I want to produce 4 sugar-free recipes for the German market.

All challenges accepted!

Of course, sometimes the expert support makes the initial project evolve… We go further or we choose to personalize less…
But each time, we have: sourced the necessary ingredients, bought and stored all the packaging, set up a retroplanning, carried out the cooking, carried out all the controls of conformity to your requirements, passed the necessary certifications, managed the stocks, sent the orders to your establishments…
A whole adventure “made to measure”!


This is why choosing Maison Andrésy’s made-to-measure service means choosing a team with unique expertise:

  • Fruit sourcing: an artisanal jam 100% made in France is possible – or not! You prefer a fig from Morocco? An orange from Spain?
  • The ingredients: which single fruit, which combination of fruits, which herbs or spices, which dried fruits, etc., would be the most delicious for your demanding customers?
  • The recipe: traditional or modern? Classic or fruity, light, without added sugar? Organic ? Kosher? And why not something new, an innovation just for you?
  • The ideal assortment: jams, honeys, compotes, coulis, spreads, mustards, ketchup, mayonnaise, confits? What do you need to satisfy your customers?
  • The jar: ribbed or classic? Individual or family size?
  • The cap: what color? With your logo printed on it? Covered with a cap or a tab?
  • The label: with your logo, your colors, your shape, single or double, in short, your design!
  • The packaging: classic or event-driven? How about a jam advent calendar?

Do you have other ideas? Other needs?
We take up your challenge: 70 years of experience at your service!

Contact our experts to learn more about the complete customization of your artisanal jams!

You can fully customize your own brand of jams and benefit from our support throughout the process with Maison Andrésy, your artisanal jam manufacturer!
We told you, your satisfaction is our priority!