70 years of certifications and labels in jam making: guarantees of commitments, taste and know-how for top-of-the-range jams!

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November 2022

In 2022, we celebrate the 70 years of our Maison of Jams: 3 generations of know-how, recognized and rewarded many times by various organizations: Ministry of Agriculture, Culinary College of France, Ecocert, various organizations of food safety and responsible commitment. 

In 2011, the Kosher certification joined the complete list of certifications and labels held by Maison Andrésy for its jam making

Why are we so proud to present these certifications and labels, obtained and confirmed throughout these 70 years? 

What do these different labels and certifications mean? 

What are the commitments of Maison Andrésy and their impact on your jams? 

It’s time to celebrate the recognitions and guarantees that our recognitions offer you and their impact on your artisanal jams

Archives cuisson Andrésy Confitures
Archives cuisson Andrésy Confitures

What are the certifications and labels of Maison Andrésy’s jam making and what guarantees do they offer you?


Maison Andrésy has been making artisanal jams since 1952 – and for some of you, you have been with us for most of these 70 years!

At the beginning, there was no certification or label for artisanal production in France. 

Then, little by little, the importance of promoting the know-how and experience of food producers became apparent in order to offer guarantees of seriousness, competence and quality. 

This is why, throughout its existence, Maison Andrésy has distinguished itself in several fields with expertise, know-how and therefore a certification and/or a label.

Let’s mention a few: 

  • Our excellent industrial and artisanal know-how, inherited from tradition and valued by the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label
  • The quality of our ingredients and recipes with the title of “Quality Artisan Producer” issued by the Collège Culinaire de France – and of course your loyalty, the best proof of the quality of our products!
  • Food safety for your demanding customers through HACCP certification first and IFS FOOD for a few years – always 100% success in these audits, we are not kidding with food safety!
  • Our responsible commitments in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with our CSR charter, then the ISO 14001 and the measurement by the ECOVADIS system of the application of our commitments! – with the Gold Medal in 2022 !
  • Our methods of cultivating ingredients that are committed to the planet and to others, with European organic certification – renewed every year
  • And finally, a very specific and tailor-made certification for a dedicated market: Kosher – yes, we also pass certifications to open new markets for you!

Would you like more details on the commitments rewarded by our certifications and labels for the manufacture of artisanal jams

Two commitments are particularly important to us and infuse all our activities: 

  • Our ethical responsibilities: towards Nature whose fruits we work with, and towards the human beings with whom we work, members of our teams or customers!
  • The prioritization of Made In France: crucial in all our actions

Tartines de confitures originales d'andrésy confitures
Tartines de confitures originales d'andrésy confitures

Our eco-responsible and societal commitments to jam making : in our DNA with or without certification!


Since 1952, the small artisanal confectionery of Yvelines is still there. 

It has evolved, it has innovated, it has entered the 21st century while respecting its original values of quality and expertise, tradition and innovation. 

From an artisanal confectionery to a true family business, Maison Andrésy has always been committed to the development of the land and the people who live there. 

Concrete examples? 

This has been done through partnerships with farmers since the 1970s, which are still going strong! 

But also internally through the employment of the daughter, the mother and the aunt in the same department! 

These family and human values are deeply rooted in our identity. 

Did you know that? Maison Andrésy is 3 generations of jam makers who have been passing the torch since 1952.

Our founders – grandparents of the current directors – René Walther, and his wife, Jocelyne, started by cooking the fruits of the surrounding orchards to sell them to local merchants and markets. 

Then Gérard Cassan – the father of the current directors – in 1975, when he took over the company, insisted on keeping the cooking in copper cauldrons for the production of artisanal jams while modernizing and innovating to become the expert in custom-made jams

Finally, from 2005 to 2011, Gérard’s 3 children – Laure, Bruno and Julia – perpetuate the values of the family business and will pass them on in a few years to the 4th generation!

With such a DNA, it was natural that our teams also share these family values, recommending friends and acquaintances to each new job opening, and that our company sometimes welcomes entire families within their departments!

Our eco-responsible commitments are also a fundamental value. Working with the fruits of nature means respecting and protecting it. 

Since 1952, we have been sourcing fruit growers and producers in France, in order to preserve and enhance the value of the French terroirs, their fruits and other ingredients (sugar, spices…) which are the basis of the taste of our good jams! 

“Without good fruits, there are no good jams” to paraphrase the great French chefs! 

The European BIO certification by Ecocert – a very demanding French organization – is for us a guarantee of cultures respectful of Nature and Men, with the healthiest possible fruits, for a part of the artisanal jams closer to nature! 

On the basis of these values and commitments, we have mobilized each person of our company, to make all this live within our internal life and in our relations with our customers:

  • Writing a Social and Environmental Responsibility charter – a clear statement that mobilizes our teams on a daily basis on waste reduction, recycling, good practices of responsible behavior, etc
  • Recognition of everyone’s work with ISO 14001 certification 

The measurement of progress each year with the ECOVADIS reference system – and the pride of seeing our progress recognized by silver and gold medals!

Can you imagine all this, when you taste jams on fresh bread?

Moutarde et condiments - Andrésy Cuisine
Moutarde et condiments - Andrésy Cuisine

A strong commitment since 1952, lived out daily: Made In France


Are you looking for the “French Touch” on your bread?

Since 1952, we’ve been wearing the Made In France label like an emblem!

This is a global commitment that is not validated by any single certification or label.

It all started with the choice of fruits for our jams. 

  • Where in France are they grown in the best way?
  • On which soils do they express authentic flavors?
  • Which authentic French varieties are the most suitable for jam making?

A whole learning process, in 70 years of creating recipes and cooking for chefs, hotels, and major French brands!

Did you know that 70% of our fruit comes from France? 

  • We source our red apricots in Roussillon, in the Drôme region
  • Our Senga and Camarossa strawberries are grown in the Dordogne and Périgord regions of France, and sometimes garriguettes from Brittany are also chosen for a special occasion
  • Our mirabelles come from Lorraine, our quetsches from Alsace
  • Our raspberries are harvested according to the year in Champagne Ardennes, Corrèze, …
  • Our rhubarb are red or green and all from Nord Pas de Calais
  • In Île-de-France, we select small red and black fruits such as blackcurrant

What about the others? They need to be grown in more exotic climates and soils and still be of high quality!

Of course, we could join an organization each year to be able to display “Origine France Garantie” on our labels. But is that all it takes?

Not for us. We live your commitment in a much more global and varied way than the simple origin of our fruit. 

  • We are the guardians of the French jam tradition: its gestures, its regional recipes, its local fruits – and we are proud to see this recognized by the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label for 10 years. 
  • We respect the criteria of French Gastronomy, demanding and respectful of authentic tastes: in the way we cook our jams, in our textures, in our choice of fruits, in our innovative associations of flavors – the chefs of the Collège Culinaire de France have distinguished us for this with the label Producteurs & Artisans de qualité 
  • We work with producers and arboriculturists to keep the Made In France concept alive and well: valuing regional origins means maintaining endemic crops and varieties
  • We train our young employees in our traditional or expert trades: passing on and keeping our heritage alive is important!
  • We spread French culture throughout the world: each of our small individual jars – of jams, condiments or compotes – represents France on the most beautiful tables of the hotels in the world

You understood it: the certifications and labels we are proud of are a guarantee for you of the authenticity of your jams, the respect of the food safety of your productions, or of societal and environmental practices. And it is crucial to choose your partner well! 

For us, they are the visible side of our values and daily commitments, since 1952… 70 years already!